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I Took Someone Out...


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Yesterday I took a friend out onto a river and it was spectacular. It was a beautiful fall, cool crisp sunny day! And the fish wouldn’t leave us alone.. it truly was an amazing day of fish action.

Here is a couple of picks of our experience..





This is just one of the many we caught





My friends; first grayling. He was so stoked..





And another pic before the camera died. ;( Unfortunately.



But really who needs the camera when you have such an experience such as this.

We would present the fly and bang.. got one.. we would be stripping in to cast again and bang another..

It was kind of really crazy we lost count at 80 and the oddest this is we were pretty much slamming these Grayling side by side without

hesitation from either us or the fish.

We had some fairly big ones and all where ever so playful to land.

So far in my short Journey of Angling I have learned so much and would like to think that I am doing ok. I’m still loving, the sport. It’s

one of the best passions I’ve ever caressed in my hands.


Here is another pic from my trip several weeks ago.






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Way to go Kristi great to hear your doing well. Each trip you go out will be a learning experince for sure. Heck even us old guys(not me of course) learn something new each time we go out.


Great to hear your introducing new people to our sport.


Tight Line Always

Dennis S

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I prefer the military smaugh, gives you the same cover, but can be pulled up as a hood and isn't any where near as tight as a buff... then again I might just have a head like a buffalo!

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