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  2. Our last meeting for the season will be a barbecue at Queen Mary Park Hall. Start time is 7:00, a little earlier than normal. For members and guests.
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  4. We will be meeting in person at Queen Mary Park Hall (10844 117 St NW, Edmonton) at 7:30 pm. Nicolas Lapointe will be joining us via ZOOM. The talk will be about “Connectivity restoration planning in the Berland and Wildhay watersheds, and fish-habitat protection in Canada”
  5. At the Corbatt Lake bamboo rod makers gathering Don Andersen was presented with the Tom Morgan Award for being "innovative, generous in spirit, and supportive of others in the craft of bamboo rod making." Congratulations to Don for this well deserved recognition.
  6. The zoom meeting will be rescheduled due to a family emergency
  7. The winner of the 7:9" 3 piece with 2 tips hollowbuilt bamboo rod made by Don Andersen is Ryan Edwards of Sylvan Lake. Congratulations to Ryan. Thanks to Don Andersen of Rocky Mountain House for donating the rod to Northern Lights Fly Fishers - Trout Unlimited Canada Edmonton chapter. Don's website is http://www.bamboorods.ca Proceeds from the raffle will go to conservation work by NLFF-TUC.
  8. The rod was won by Ryan Edwards of Sylvan Lake.
  9. As approved at the AGM we've set aside up to $2,000 this year to encourage and help schools or youth groups teach more about freshwater through use of TUC's Water-Edu Kit or Yellow Fish Road program. If you know of a particular group or school in our general area which you think might be interested in receiving a free kit please let us know The information that has gone out to some schools so far is as follows: FREE KITS FOR Gr 5 TO 9 STUDENTS: OUTDOOR ED/SCIENCE 'FRESHWATER CONSERVATION' The Northern Lights Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada, a national registered charity and volunteer driven organization working to protect and conserve Canada's freshwater systems, is using some of its fundraising revenue to help students learn about and help protect freshwater and the various life-forms that rely on it. We are able to supply a free TUC Water Edu-kit or a Yellow Fish Road program kit to approximately 12 schools or youth groups for grade 5 to 9 students—no cost other than perhaps a note back from the students telling us what they found most interesting or surprising in what they learned from using the kits. The Water Edu-Kit program explores the science of water and has a complete set of tools to help a group of 25-30 understand and monitor the health of their local water bodies and the challenges with water conservation. It connects with the provincial school curriculum and includes teacher guide, safety sheets, macroinvertebrate guide, biological aquatic analysis gear, a riparian assessment guide and an Aquatic Chemical Analysis Kit. Trout Unlimited Canada’s award-winning The Yellow Fish Road™ program engages youth of all ages in protecting our water. Participants learn about the impact of pollution and what steps they can take to protect their local water by painting yellow fish symbols with the words ‘Rain Only’ by storm drains. The Group Kit includes supplies for 24-30 participants with sample materials to work on storm drains. Paint can be purchased at Cloverdale Paints at preferred client pricing. lf interested please contact us at treasurer@nlft.org
  10. No problem Dave. It will be good to see you again.
  11. just one for me, Michael. Thanks a lot. See you Saturday.
  12. I'll let you know shortly, waiting to hear from Fern.
  13. Hi Dave, I can arrange for a ticket for you. One ticket? Michael
  14. Special collaboration opportunity.... this invitation arrived from the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club The ETFC will be hosting a Zoom meeting with Craig Copeland on Thursday the 25th April @ 7 PM and we would like to invite the members of the Northern Lights and Oldtimers fishing clubs to join with us. I’m sure you are both aware of who Craig is but I will give you a little intro to pass onto those who are going to be in attendance: Craig Copeland is not only the current Mayor of Cold Lake but he is also the Fish Stocking Operations Manager at the Cold Lake fish hatchery. He will provide a presentation on the recent improvements with the 4 fish hatcheries and new developments in the coming years. He will also speak of the different strains stocked locally in 2024 – 2026 and plans on stocking larger rainbows in certain bodies of water nearby. He’s willing to stay on after his presentation to answer any questions the audience may have. The Zoom meeting ID is 871 5438 1295 Passcode is 686421 We hope to see many of your members join us for this Zoom presentation. Cheers, Chuck Harvey Co-president Edmonton Trout Fishing Club
  15. On Wed. May 8 at 7:30 pm we will hear from Matt Mitro about Wisconsin's beaver management. We are meeting in person at Queen Mary Park Hall (10844 117 St NW, Edmonton). Matt will be joining us via ZOOM. Everyone is welcome to attend either in person or via ZOOM. ZOOM attendees have to provide their own coffee and TimBits. Beaver Influence on Coldwater Stream Habitat and Trout Populations in Wisconsin The control of beaver to maintain free-flowing conditions in coldwater streams is a core trout management strategy in Wisconsin. Beaver have long been considered, by fisheries managers and trout anglers alike, as incompatible with trout in Wisconsin’s low gradient streams. Concerns include beaver dams converting streams with complex pool-riffle-run sequences to long series of pools interrupted by dams; the covering of spawning gravels with silt; reduced availability of juvenile and adult trout habitat; and warming of stream temperatures during summer. Such changes to stream habitat may reduce trout recruitment, survival, and abundance. Research on trout-beaver interactions in Wisconsin has been regionally limited in scope, and recent management plans for both species have called for new research to address pressing management concerns on trout-beaver conflicts in coldwater streams across different ecoregions. Here I will address an ongoing study to fill in the gaps in our understanding of the influence of beaver dams on trout habitat and populations. I will present preliminary observations on beaver-induced changes in physical stream habitat, evidence for warming of stream temperatures by beaver dams, evidence for the obstruction of trout movement by beaver dams, and changes in trout population and fish community dynamics following beaver colonization of low gradient coldwater streams. Matthew Mitro is a fisheries research scientist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Based in Madison, Matt has been working with the DNR on statewide fisheries issues since 2003. Matt’s current research is focused on trout in Wisconsin’s inland streams, on issues including stream habitat restoration, propagation and stocking, trout population response to environmental change, age and growth, trout-parasite dynamics, and beaver effects on coldwater stream habitat and trout populations. Matt has also worked for the EPA’s Atlantic Ecology Division, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and he earned his PhD in fisheries at Montana State University studying rainbow trout recruitment in the Henry’s Fork.
  16. Stephen Spencer, Senior Fisheries Biologist Alberta Fish & Wildlife, will be talking about a walleye study on Lac Ste. Anne. In person at Queen Mary Park Hall ( (10844 117 St NW, Edmonton) at 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will also share this on Zoom. Instructions for joining our ZOOM can be found on our webpage at https://www.nlft.org/Zoom/
  17. Just heard from Randy at the Fishin' Hole that the 10% discount provided to NLFF members (and to members of some other clubs) will only be given if proof of membership is provided at the till. For NLFF, as TUC doesn't send out a membership card, the Fishin' Hole will accept proof by showing a paper or cell phone copy of your official receipt for membership sent out by TUC (This is for the meantime. we are arranging to have membership cards again.). Unfortunately, I think the Fishin' Hole may have been subjected to a few scams recently so needed to ensure that the discount is only provided to members of clubs to whom it has kindly offered this benefit. Peter
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    Meet at 10 am to clean up around the lake. Hot dogs and pop for lunch. Garbage bags will be supplied. You may need rubber boots, gloves and a grabber to avoid bending over. Contact Dick Slobodian at events @ nlft.org so he knows how much food to bring.
  19. We are meeting at Muir Lake on Sunday May 5 at 10 am to do a cleanup around the parking lot, picnic area and lake. Based on previous years we will be done by lunch which we will provide. After the hot dogs and pop we can go fishing. Let Dick Slobodian at events @ nlft.org know if you care coming so he can bring the food. You will need rubber boots, gloves and grabbers. Garbage bags will be supplied.
  20. Lorne Fitch, author of Streams of Consequence, will be joining us via ZOOM at Queen Mary Park Hall. 7:30 pm Wednesday April 10. Everyone is welcome to attend either in person or on the ZOOM.
  21. Ken Kranrod, Vice President at the Alberta Conservation Association, will talk about their Kids Can Catch program. He will also answer other questions about the ACA. Ken will be with us in person at the Queen Mary Park Hall. We will also stream this on ZOOM. Everyone is welcome to attend. Instructions for joining our ZOOM are at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
  22. Just posted on "My Wild Alberta": Please be aware that the 2024-25 Sportfishing Regulations will be published later than usual. In the meantime, the 2023-24 Sportfishing Regulations will continue to apply. All anglers must continue following those regulations until the new regulations are published for the 2024-25 angling season.
  23. Dr. Le, Univ. of Alberta, has asked us to encourage members and others to complete this survey as he still does not have a sufficient number of responses to complete the study. It's findings could have some impact on fishing regulations in Alberta, especially with the provincial government's interest in increasing fish retention opportunities and thus more fish being eaten. Please pass it on to family and friends.
  24. Draw date is April 20, 2024 at our fundraising dinner and silent auction at Kenilworth Hall.
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