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  3. I am interested...but AEP makes it difficult....WHY do I have to register for a webinar? For EACH webinar? Why do I have to register for each of their surveys? So....if a person does not want to register...then I assume the background information will NOT be made available to the public??? Their quote "In January 2020, we collected feedback on Alberta fisheries management to help improve recreational fishing opportunities across the province. That feedback contributed to the 2020 Alberta Sportfishing Regulations, which came into effect on April 1, 2020. Someh
  4. Alberta Environment and Park is hosting a series of fisheries webinars in January. Just thought I’d give you a heads-up in case you’re interested. Please feel free to forward this email to any of your club members, or post the link below to you club website to get the word out. You may have received an email inviting you already; however I thought I’d give you a heads-up regardless. Topics covered in this engagement will include: how recreational management objectives and sportfishing regulations are established, an update on recreational harvest slot limits,
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  6. Kids Can Catch is a program facilitated by the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA). There are several events throughout Alberta each year. At each event, volunteers are on on-hand to help kids learn angling skills. Our chapter has provided volunteers at events, as well as supplied casting bobbers and flies. The bobbers are easy to cast and allow for a presentation of a fly or chironomid using a spinning rod. This year, we would like to increase the number of flies available to new anglers at the Kids Can Catch events. We are looking for donations of flies that would work well in a
  7. All current members are invited to attend our AGM via ZOOM on Wednesday January 20 at 7 pm. Anyone who wishes to stand for Executive please contact Michael Dell at secretary @ nlft.org The two-year term of the previous charter with TUC expired in October, and although a renewal was signed by the chapter executive, we felt it necessary to ratify this decision at the AGM. The agreement can be terminated if there is sufficient reason to do so. There are no significant changes to the latest version of the charter. MOTION “Ken Monk moves, seconded by Karen Harris, that renew
  8. So far 5 reports - all good. "Inexpensive" "Good quality"
  9. For non-tyers, great prices. Please comment if you have tried Trick Flies. Trickflies.ca | Fly Fishing Flies and Supplies | Online Store Canada
  10. I'm sorry that the link doesn't work. Green Caddis Outfitters has a 50% sale on hooks and fly boxes. Cheers, Neil
  11. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#category/promotions/FMfcgxwKjwtzntnbvCwsQLgHKPdzSFlV
  12. With the size that some of the Miur fish are getting a good minnow pattern or leech pattern would be the ticket. I am tying up a Snake pattern on the Jan. 20th zoom meeting that would be a go to for sure. (in black or olive) Dragon Trollers Kilburn Killer would be a good one along with a black Doc Spratley also would try some Kreelex minnows (Gun Metal & Pearlesent) Then a 52 Buick and in the fall wouldn't be without out a good back swimmer (floating and sinking) last but not least my llama leech olive with red bead size 12 only size I use (deadly)
  13. Some suggestions from the Flies For Alberta book, and some others, Scuds (Scud Missile) Dragonfly nymph, gomphus (Sulphur Dragon) Dragonfly nymph, darner (Alexander Special, TU Special) Damselfly nymph (Kara Damsel, '52 Buick) Chironomid larva (Swimming San Juan) Minnows, Fathead Minnow (Blue Carey, Carey Special) Minnows, Brook Stickleback (Kilburn Killer) Caddis Larva (Zug Bug) Leeches (Woolly Bugger)
  14. At Muir Lake there are 8 signs on the natural food sources for trout. Each sign describes the characteristics and life cycle of a particular species and provides suggestions for fly and spin fishing techniques to imitate that species. The signs include images of flies that represent the food item in each of its life stages. These signs are showing the effects of time and weather since they were installed in about 2003 and need updating and replacing. Northern Lights, with the support of the Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club, has started work on the replacements. We plan to submit a grant re
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    AEP biologists Mike Blackburn and Ryan Cox will be presenting information and gathering feedback about findings in the Upper Pembina. Click this link to start the meeting, or start your zoom client, click the “Join a meeting button” and enter our meeting id 668 142 7482. The meeting password is 306090.
  16. Our first meeting in February on the 3rd will feature Gretchen and Al Beatty on "Rotating the Stimulator" Materials list is attached. Stimulator-3Feb21-Edmonton.pdf Our second meeting on Feb 17 will feature Jess Reilly and Lesley Peterson talking about the eDNA study on the Tay River, plus some other work that has been done in 2020 on Rocky Creek and Fall Creek. Meetings are at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  17. Our first Zoom meeting for the New Year will feature Gretchen and Al Beatty teaching us how to tie the EZY Crayfish. This is at 7 pm on Wednesday January 6. Materials list is attached. Everyone is welcome to attend. EZYCrayfish-6Jan21-Edmonton.pdf Our second Zoom meeting on Jan. 20 is our Annual General Meeting. Only members in good standing will be allowed to vote. For a proxy form please see our forum at After the AGM we will have Dennis Southwick tying a couple of patterns. On Jan 27, AEP biologists Mike Blackburn and Ryan Cox will be presenting
  18. I’m with Flymaster, way too many lines for me and only two of them made to the American Fishing Tackle Manufactures Association standards. Shameful. And Sci. Ang. Is no better. Don
  19. I do agree with you to some degree....but...as a fly fisher of over 40 years...don't over complicate things. Often...the "features" are nothing but marketing hype to get $ out of your pocket and into someone else's.
  20. I enjoy the zoom talk by Ruben Breitkreutz last night. My two cents on fly lines that there are so many tapers and "features" to choose from that you have to cast the line with your rod to know if it's what you really want. I believe you can no longer use the line weight on your rod and match it to the weight on a fly line and end up with combo that you will be happy casting.
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    Gretchen and Al Beatty will join us for another meeting. This time the topic is using a rotary vise to help tie a Stimulator. Meeting is at 7 pm. Signon details can be found at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom Materials list is attached. Stimulator-3Feb21-Edmonton.pdf
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    Jess Reilly from AEP and Lesley Peterson from TUC will talk about the e-DNA study of bull trout on the Tay River. Plus work on Rocky Creek and Fall Creek. Background here: https://www.ucalgary.ca/news/birds-eye-view-saving-bull-trout
  23. We will have two meetings on Zoom in December. As always everyone is welcome to attend. Dec. 2 Ruben Breitkreutz, the rep for Sage and Rio, will be talking about new products. Dec. 16 Jay White from Aquality Environmental Consulting will talk to us about the Tay River, eDNA work in Federal Parks, and work on the Upper Pembina. http://aquality.ca/ Signon information is at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
  24. Here is the link to Craig's presentation to the club as well as the link to the page that contains the 3 videos about fish stocking. https://mywildalberta.ca/fishing/fish-stocking/default.aspx
  25. Congratulations to John Hewitt, winner of the Cane Rod Raffle. The prize was a 7’ 6″ 3/4 weight cane rod with two tips, built on a Payne 98 taper, retailing at $1,350, built and donated by internationally known rod maker, Don Andersen, http://bamboorods.ca/
  26. Our Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 at 7:00PM (MDT) via Zoom meeting ID 668 142 7482, password 306090. If you are unable to attend, please complete the attached proxy form and follow the instructions in the document. PROXY AGM '21.pdf
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