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    Fish and Wildlife Officer Ryan Watchorn will give us a combination talk on bears and cougars, with some information on how to properly use bear spray and how to respond to various types of encounters. Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
  3. The draft Bull Trout Recovery Plan has finally been posted for public comment. https://www.alberta.ca/bull-trout-recovery-plan-engagement.aspx Bull trout Recovery Plan engagement Share your feedback on the draft Bull Trout Recovery Plan by June 13, 2021. www.alberta.ca
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  5. Along with other Chapters across Canada, Northern Lights is conducting a membership drive during May. 100% of membership fees from renewals and new memberships during May will be directed to the local Chapter to which the member is affiliated. A Newsletter has been sent to all current and lapsed members explaining the reason for the drive and the increased level of concern for Canada's freshwater and the species that depend on it. If you haven't received this Newsletter, the text is below. TUC needs your support now more than ever. A REQUEST from NORTHERN LIGHTS FLY FISHERS, your local
  6. kemo99

    Zoom Tie and Talk

    No program, just sharing. Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
  7. kemo99

    Zoom Tie and Talk

    No program, just sharing. Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
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    Brian Charles, Fisheries Technician from Alberta Environment and Parks, will talk about history and other stories from the Raven Brood Station Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
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    Kelsey Kure, Water Resource Technician at Sundre Forest Products, and Jacquie Pallard, U of A masters student, will present about bull trout habitat, population trends, and best management practices for industry. Highlights include a few case studies of areas where Sundre Forest Products has taken initiative to fix historic fish passage barriers as well as discussion of a stream crossing inspection program and some of the limitations in connectivity caused by municipal governments and provincial governments bad crossings on public roads. Jacquie Pallard is a masters student will pr
  10. That book is Awesome , Thanks Ken for Posting , FlyRod .
  11. Washington state prohibits anglers from taking wild steelhead and salmon out of the water for a photo before the fish is released. After watching YouTube this morning, perhaps it is time that Alberta implements a similar regulation for at least bull trout. I'm not sure how it would work for other trout since on some water you are allowed to keep trout.
  12. JimBow, I am so damn Sorry to hear this news. I can remember hiking Scott's gear up to the top of Elbow Lake for an overnighter of all you can catch Brookites. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Elbow+Lake/@50.640049,-115.0105907,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x53705f6e9706e2c1:0x1525dac12ebb7acc!8m2!3d50.6388975!4d-115.008587 He is already missed.
  13. Hey Neil, You should be able to get it back - some hoops to jump through - but all things are possible. Somebody told me that once.
  14. You got any more of that black licorice hooch?

  15. Jebuz, I am starting to look like Barry "Santa" White. Yes, a great book indeed. I got a few signed copies for friends and family. PS - Is this Covid BS over with yet? Just got my first AZ shot two days ago. Oh boy... the Fever and Chills after 24 hours were not fun! PMS - I have been hanging out with the Ham Radio guys these days. Soon, I will get back into fishing. - 73 - VA6LAT
  16. How's it going eh?

    1. Dragon Troller

      Dragon Troller

      Lol, its going well, long time no see, how are you?

    2. RangerBob


      Still alive and well.

  17. Are we winning Dennis?

    - Ranger Bob

  18. Hey look it's Nathan! ;)

  19. Howdy Mr. Dell!

    - Ranger Bob

  20. Great to see this document evolve! Ranger Bob says Howdy!
  21. Thanks for the interest. Calls for volunteers will be posted in the Northern Lights Newsletter that goes out monthly to TUC members, Next newsletter goes out on April 20th. Some volunteer anglers will be needed for the grayling project on the upper Pembina in May. For insurance/liability reasons we have to restrict this to members of TUC, however.
  22. Where will the volunteer information be posted for these projects? I’d love to help out with a couple this year if I can.
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    No program, just sharing. Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
  24. As part of our conservation project, we will be collecting fin clips from Arctic Grayling in the Upper Pembina watershed. DNA will be extracted from the fin clips for analysis later in the summer. Northern Lights chapter members will be primarily working in Rat Creek, although there are opportunities in Lovett River and other tributaries. These waters are closed to recreational angling, so we must follow strict guidelines per our fisheries research license in addition to safety and covid protocols. Anglers will be required to attend a short orientation session via Zoom meeting.
  25. During his Zoom presentation on April 7, Jim McLennan talked of his concerns over coal mining in the eastern slopes. He recommended that we visit MountainsnotMines for background on the issue and that we express our opinions as individuals. The site identifies 3 main areas at risk from the potential mining activities: Water -The negative impacts of probable water contamination will be felt by approximately 1.6 million Albertans; 1.4 million served by the North Saskatchewan watershed and over 200K served by the Oldman River headwaters. Wildlife - this expansive area represents cri
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