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  2. Yes, the meeting on Feb 28 will be on ZOOM.

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  4. Dr. Greg Goss, from Biological Sciences at U of A, on “Evaluating Toxicity of Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water” TUC has been working on a policy statement regarding the practice of fracking for the last few years and it's still not complete. It's difficult to come up with a definitive statement. We need oil and gas but freshwater is essential for humans and all other life forms. However, there are related statements in other TUC policies, e.g.: • Water is essential for all life and should be viewed as a human right. • Natural systems evolve to exploit the range of available water within a region and as such the concept of excess water can be considered spurious. • Extraction of water from streams or aquifers can alter the movement, volume, timing and quality of water available to the environment. Any extractions must demonstrate no net harm to natural systems. This will be an interesting and thought provoking session. Well worth attending.
  5. Well, it is the time of year to be announcing conclaves. The FF@ and NLFT group will be meeting August 5-11. The 5th is a holiday in Alberta and it is my hope that some choice locations will be vacated that day. I'll go out and grab the best spot I can find and hang up the shingle. My first choice for location is to repeat on the upper Oldman River. However, southern Alberta is experiencing a pretty serious drought. Rain was almost non-existent last year and the current snow pillow is well below average. There is a chance that we may see some fishing restrictions by August. We managed to deal with time-of-day restrictions last summer but this year might be even more challenging, like stream closures. If there are restrictions in place, I will consider moving to another location that might have better water - North Ram, Blackstone, Athabasca/Berland. I'll let people know. I hope you all will consider coming out to fish some of Alberta's wonderful waters. 2024 would be a great year for any of you who have had this trip on your bucket list - everyone is welcome. Reach out if you have any questions. Jim
  6. Ok Oliver, I have added you to the list. Michael
  7. Hi Michael. I'd be interested in attending. I haven't quite got to this part of my neurosis but ........ Oliver
  8. Michael Dell will teach a Beginner's Fly Tying class in person at Queen Mary Park Hall (and on ZOOM). This will be a casual session which will introduce people to fly tying basics. Vises, tools and materials will be available for use at Queen Mary Park hall, or you can bring your own. If you want to come please contact Michael Dell at communications @ nlft.org so enough tools and materials will be on hand. The principles taught and the flies tied will be: Thread and hooks Adjusting the vise Basic Thread Control Attaching the thread, wrapping it and tying off with half-hitch and whip finish. Basic Material Control. Brown Hackle Peacock Hook: Wet fly Thread: Black or any colour you have Body: peacock herl Hackle: brown or any colour you have New Techniques: soft loop, adjusting for thread torque, even body, reinforcing herl, dry fly vs wet fly hackle, tying on and wrapping hackle. Wooly Worm Hook: wet fly Thread: Black or any colour you have Tail: red wool Hackle: long saddle hackle Body: chenille New Techniques: tying on tails, palmering hackle Brassie Hook: wet fly 10-12 Thread: Black or any colour you have Body: wire Thorax: coarse dubbing
  9. Annual General Meeting January 24, 2024 At our AGM the following people were elected: · Ken Monk, President · Ray Smith, Vice-President · Peter Little, Treasurer · Terry Carlyle, Secretary · Dean Befus, Programs · Dick Slobodian, Community Events · Michael Dell, Communications · Stan Baron, Library Thanks to Karen Harris and Bill Evans for their hard work on the previous Executive.
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    Our annual barbecue at Queen Mary Park Community Hall before we break for the summer. We can't put this on ZOOM. Just no way to teleport those dogs and burgers.
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    It's time to get those patterns done for spring fishing. Share what you are tying. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute. To join our ZOOM please see instructions at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
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    Talking about tying and fishing online with some NLFF members. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute. To join our ZOOM please see instructions at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
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    A casual discussion of what everyone is tying and whatever fishing topics come up. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute. To join our ZOOM please see instructions at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
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    Join our online fly tying and open discussion event. Michael Dell will demonstrate how he teaches kids to tie a woolly bugger. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute. To join our ZOOM please see instructions at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
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    Ken Kranrod, Vice President at the Alberta Conservation Association, will talk about their Kids Can Catch program. He will also answer other questions about the ACA.
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    Paul Christiansen, Senior Fisheries Biologist with Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, will talk about cumulative effects on the Bow River and time of day angling restrictions.
  17. Informative video from Big Hole Lodge, What happens in Montana usually gets here a few years after. Gross fungus infected trout. https://youtu.be/GbxbydsQa8M?si=DHQnmeZCTJAJJgGr
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    https://www.edmontonboatandsportshow.ca/ Edmonton EXPO Centre Thursday, March 14, 2024 12:00pm - 9:00pm Friday, March 15, 2024 12:00pm - 9:00pm Saturday, March 16, 2024 10:00am - 6:00pm Sunday, March 17, 2024 10:00am - 5:00pm
  19. We will be at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show to teach fly tying to kids. The standard pattern we tie is a woolly bugger. Our volunteers will get free admission to the show, plus we will pay for their parking and a meal. The hours of the show (based on the previous year, this will be updated if things change) are: Thursday, March 14 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm Friday, March 15 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm Saturday, March 16 10:00 am – 7:00 pm Sunday, March 17 10:00 am – 5:00 pm We will have 2 shifts per day of about 5 hours. If you can volunteer for a shift or two that would be much appreciated. You are free to visit the exhibits before or after your shift. If you can only come for split shifts this can be accommodated. Please volunteer by signing up at a meeting or contacting Michael Dell at communications @ nlft.org with your shift preferences.
  20. Due to environmental conditions (fire, flood) we were unable to complete the project this year. The project will resume in 2024.
  21. From Laura Volkman, ACA's KidsCanCatch coordinator: I am right into the swing of planning Kids Can Catch at Wabamun Lake for Saturday, February 17, 2024, from 10am – 2pm. As always, having fishing mentors is such a pertinent part of the success of these events. I was wondering if you would be willing to put the word out again this year to see who would be willing to assist at this next event? Anyone interested can contact me directly with any questions or to sign up! I am open to anyone who can come even if it’s just for a portion of the event! I will never say no to more help with mentoring. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you! 780-695-3462 or EMAIL: EMAIL: laura.volkman@ab-conservation.com
  22. We will hold our Annual General meeting with reports from the officers and election of new Executive. This will be in person at Queen Mary Park Hall and also on ZOOM at 7:30 pm. We have people who have served for a long time, and we are looking for new blood. Contact Michael Dell at communications @ nlft.org If you are interested but not ready to commit to a position then you can sit in on our Executive meetings in a mentorship program. This document outlines the responsibilities of each position: NLFF Exec Duties2 (1).pdf If you can't attend we would appreciate if you sent a proxy to us: PROXY VOTE AGM 2023.docx
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    Tentative program by the Canadian Wildlife Federation on work they are doing on the Berland and Wildhay Rivers.
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    This is a casual session to introduce beginners to the basics of fly tying. Vises, tools and materials will be available at Queen Mary Park hall, but you can bring your own if you want. We will also stream on ZOOM. Instructions for joining our ZOOM can be found at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
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    Once again the usual crew will meet online to talk about tying and fishing. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute. To join our ZOOM please see instructions at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
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