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  1. I'm still planning on coming out, bringing a friend and ditching the family altogether LOL. So how does this work??? .. I've been invited many times.. and never took up on it due to other outings to other provinces.. Is it an instance, where I come but, I look after myself and only myself or is it a community effort we all chip and we all work to make it great. I'm asking in advance so I can get planning and so I can separate my camp gear before my (DAD) family takes what (he) they need for three weeks in the back woods of BC! Please can someone give me details and some insight, thanks in ad
  2. That is awesome to see! Great Job Club volunteers!
  3. I'm so sorry Dan to hear that it's happened to you, to close for comfort in my opinion... :excl: Be Aware this has happened in several places both prominent and discreet locations, and this is not the first time either. :excl: :excl: People are brazen enough to hit up vehicles at weekend getaway lakes too.
  4. Thank you Karen!, I could use better lighting, this I know. I like my effect I created it suited my mood as I tied the oil bug. Mysterious and late at night lol :-P
  5. Hook - #6 2xl streamer Thread - 6/0 or 8/0 colour doesn't matter (​I used 6/0 Onyx) Bead - 5/32" gold (I used 5/32'' Disco Bead Gold)Tail - UV kingfisher blue marabouBody - glo-brite chenille flo-red (​I used Chrystal chenille Fire Orange)Hackle - orange grizzly Hen Hackle (longer fibers than rooster hackle) ​Add bead, pinch barb, mount hook ​dress hook add marabou (tail) ​(I probably added less than I actually should or could have added for the tail) Lay hackle down on secured marabou, Tie in hackle just at the tip point of the hook secure the hackle with serval tight wraps and cut the
  6. Kristi


    homie on a bike that's a HOLY beauty motor where did you get that? wait huh Ducks, I like Duck poo-poo Umbridge toenail Bear with me fellas and ladies.. I was showing my daughter the No-no list of words lol and we clearly got carried away! OH and Ken I made you happy salad brownies and check the new list of the bad words it had a face lift haha
  7. Kristi

    By Now....

    On a side note I recommend tying in seven's. (Seven, is a lucky number because our muscles and our brains retain the movements and instructions by the time we do something seven times over) Tie seven of each size hook that is comfortable for you to use but no more than three different sizes of hooks. I know it sounds like a lot and so confusing but I'll explain ... **This is the practice that I mentioned in the above post, and trust me it gets boring really, really, boring tying an entire pack of 50/count size #8 hooks, I did this DO NOT DO THIS lol ** For example: I will tie
  8. Kristi

    By Now....

    ​ Hello It's Kristi here!! Ok by now I'm assuming... Everyone has had an opportunity to gather tools, supplies and materials ... ( we don't need anything too fancy! ) I'm also assuming that we all have tried playing with our tools and materials and looking on YouTube for videos and/or at books on where and how to start. And assuming that you all have been waiting patiently for me to get rollin' on this topic. So I apologize for being sooooo late. ​Last I spoke about the BASIC materials we will need to tie a Woolly Bugger. This pattern is great to use in the spring months and fall months.
  9. I'll ship my kids to BC and I'll head out presuming I can follow someone out in my truck ... I'm totally in.
  10. Welcome my friend I'm glad to have you on board!
  11. Kristi

    Hey All!

  12. Kristi


    ​I thought I'd share excellent resources for information on all levels of tying. ​Northern Lights Fly Fishers hosts free drop-in meetings on a weekly basis. ​Our Address is Queen Mary Park Community League 10844 - 117th Street. We have meetings every Wednesday and there is always someone tying and extra vises to use. We are happy to sit and help and answer your questions. Bring a mug and enjoy a hot chocolate, tea or coffee and a Timbit while you learn. ​The club also has the BIGGEST library in the organization of Trout Unlimited Canada. We offer books and DVD's to sign out. This library
  13. ​Materials can come from almost anything, so there is a lot of choice out there. It can be very confusing to the beginner, even to one who has been doing this for a long time. Today I will review the BASIC Materials you need to get started to tie a Woolly Bugger. Thread (s) – are a fine strand of material of any color, mostly made of nylon, may or may not be waxed, although this fiber can be anything that can strongly secure a material to the hook with enough tension that it won’t break. ** did you know that the thread is both a material and a tool when it comes to tying?? Material to
  14. ... and we usually end up using four main styles of fly to catch different kinds of fish. They are the dry fly, nymph, wet fly and streamer. Each fly has its own special abilities and reasons for being used. These flies can either imitate food sources or attract and bring interest of fish to your fly. So again in different words imitators are flies that imitate the particular bug or insect that the fish are eating like, a blood sucker (which we also call a leech). And attractors are flies that get the attention of fish and often don't look like anything specific, who are curious but unwilli
  15. Did you know.... ... when we tie a fly we are imitating an insect or food like-item for the fish we are going to catch. These fish can live in all sorts of water like lakes, rivers and streams. The flies we tie can imitate pretty much any bug or minnow. Flies can be tied in many styles and for different reasons. Wet fly's, Dry fly's and Streamers are just a few types of the many flies we can tie. We make these flies with lots of different items like: feathers from all sorts of birds, chenille which is stringy stuff that can be fuzzy or shiny like tinsel, fur, wire, beads, glue, but most im
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