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  1. Well, it is the time of year to be announcing conclaves. The FF@ and NLFT group will be meeting August 5-11. The 5th is a holiday in Alberta and it is my hope that some choice locations will be vacated that day. I'll go out and grab the best spot I can find and hang up the shingle. My first choice for location is to repeat on the upper Oldman River. However, southern Alberta is experiencing a pretty serious drought. Rain was almost non-existent last year and the current snow pillow is well below average. There is a chance that we may see some fishing restrictions by August. We managed to deal with time-of-day restrictions last summer but this year might be even more challenging, like stream closures. If there are restrictions in place, I will consider moving to another location that might have better water - North Ram, Blackstone, Athabasca/Berland. I'll let people know. I hope you all will consider coming out to fish some of Alberta's wonderful waters. 2024 would be a great year for any of you who have had this trip on your bucket list - everyone is welcome. Reach out if you have any questions. Jim
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