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  1. Ok nevermind. I found it. It's in ES2 an not PP2 where I was looking...
  2. Hi all Is it safe to assume that since the Red Deer is closed then so to is staufer creek? I can't seem to find it in the regs...
  3. A unique opportunity has come up for a Special Fly Tying Seminar with Hans Von Klinken who is the developer if the Klinkhammer style of fly and hooks. He will be in town and has agreed to provide us with an evening session and workshop. The event will be held on January 26th at 7:00pm at the Ogilvie Community Center at 951 Ogilvie Blvd NW. Many of us have used Klinkhammer hooks to tie emerger and dry fly patterns that seem to be very productive. This is an opportunity to learn from an expert how to tie and fish these flies.
  4. We have an incredible opportunity to spend 2 or 3 hrs visiting with Hans Van Klinken on January 26/14 for free.. We are unable to rent the queen Mary hall on this day. Does anyone have access to a facility on this day that will hold 20 to 30 people in the evening? A church or school room or board/meeting room of some type.. Come on ladies and gents let's make this happen.....!
  5. We're gona do it again folks due to the positive response. If you missed it the first time you will get another chance this week (Dec 3) to pick up some very nice Xmass presents for yourself or a family member that doesn't know they need a new rod and reel... Again, bring your $50's and $100's and you won't be disappointed...
  6. They are branded with the sellers trademark. They are Im8 and IM10 rods for next to nothing...salt water resistant guides and reel seats on Spey Rods....and much more, dry fly rods, streamer sized rods, pike rods, great trout stream rods...well worth your effort to go to this on Wednesday night coming.
  7. The rods for sale are here and will be at the Nov 26 meeting. Bring your $100's and $50's and a couple in between.. You don't want to miss this one.. Tools will be coming at a later date...
  8. Sup all Can/would anyone suggest a good source for Alberta hydrographic lake maps online..? Thx
  9. I just finished moving and all my tying gear is packed up. Will there be a club set there I can use?
  10. Can't promise anything but will try fir this Sunday.
  11. Anyone here in the Edmonton area have a woodworking shop complete with a router? Like to show off your skills for an hour or so..? I am looking to make a set of thwart boards for my boat.. Simple construction of a couple of 2"x 8 " x 4' with cleats glued and screwed on the bottom and the edges rounded. Bonus points if you can route script or block letters. My tools are scattered about and hidden in storage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Luv to but I'm going to the saffl Saturday at birch lake. You should come out, it's going to be an awesome day of fishy fun..
  13. I am looking for a room to rent in the Edmonton area..
  14. Wow. I was having a hard time getting my head around the idea of a log jam stopping fish passage when the water still flows.... The pics really "cleared" things up for me... Thx guys
  15. Wow. I was having a hard time getting my head around the idea of a log jam stopping fish passage when the water still flows.... The pics really "cleared" things up for me... Thx guys
  16. Inreachcanada.com. Here is the link for those that where asking but all should have a look... Even though I could not work out being a sales rep for them I still highly recommend their product. When I broke my leg in the bush I did not have to press the big red button but it was comforting to know I could have at any time...
  17. Did it on the crackbook one.
  18. I like claves.. If i can make it happen I would definitely join in,,,
  19. I may have to try some of those jig things with the white rubber tail.. Not sure I would be able to master the casting technique....
  20. Stauffer is clear and cold with minimal bug activity. Little black stones is all we saw. Prairie is running high and muddy..
  21. Good show Charlie.. If you borrowed a comb from Vince make sure you give it back as he gets cranky when he doesn't have his makeup tools handy in the morning....
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