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  1. Awesome pics!! I have fished that part of the country a few times, fishing is good, but the rum and seal flipper pie are better!!!
  2. Steve, did you make it out, would have loved to gone, but have been in Northern Sask for the last few weeks.
  3. I know I haven't been out to a meeting in awhile, just started a new job and have been on the road straight time, but I would interested for sure.
  4. Thanks Jim!, ye saved me some gas money!
  5. With the Boss Lady back east for the weekend, I am planning on heading down Rocky way for the day on monday, thinking of checking out N. Prairie, clearwater, or maybe torture myself on stauffer for a little bit. Have some room in the truck, if anyone wanted a fishing partner for the day.....
  6. I often use a much lighter or sometimes "purplerier" (think thats a word) seal fur dubbing when I tie it down as a wet fly, some where on the shelf I have a recipe for a soft hackle version that is right up you ally dennis!
  7. Just wanted to take a quick second to thank everyone who came out last night, I know east coast flies can be a bit tedious, but I really appreciated the opportunity to tie some for all of you. As a refugee in the west, it has been really great to have a place like NFLT!
  8. I know this won't make me popular, but a conibear 280 always proved the trick for clearing out beaver's when I was a kid...... paid for a new fly reel too!
  9. I would like to echo Vince's comments, Wednesday night was my first exposure to the tremendous work the club has done. Thanks to both Jim and Ken for a great presentation. Having worked on a project like this for DFO and the Cornwallis watershed association in Nova Scotia, I was extremely impressed with the work and the amount and quality of data collected.
  10. Congrats on the tying comp win Jim, there were some awesome flies entered, so hats off! it was a great show.. lesson learned for future, leave the wife at home if you want to sit through presentations and or workshops! It was a great show, and after seeing the Hook and hackle guys there, I think we should seriously consider putting in a booth for the club, perhaps working with TU combine booths and reduce costs, and promote the grayling project, I know I would be willing to work a bit over the summer to create some media content for use at a show like this.
  11. Don, I would like to get one bag, if you still have some available.- Charley
  12. I prefer the military smaugh, gives you the same cover, but can be pulled up as a hood and isn't any where near as tight as a buff... then again I might just have a head like a buffalo!
  13. I think most fly angler's would be surprised to see video of themselves casting..... I know its awful easy to imagine a perfect loop behind you while you stare down the trout your trying to cast to!!!
  14. Unfortunately, I had to work all weekend, but found some time to do some inspections in the Nordegg area.. and just happened to have my gear with me, . Spent four or five hours hiking down stream fishing the pools and tailouts. Water was low, but cold, and the high sun and slight breeze made for the perfect afternoon on the water. never saw another soul, and this being my first time in the area... gotta say, beautiful country. The scenery was almost better than the fishing. Caught and landed my first cut throat, followed in close succession by my 2nd-6th, had another three or four on but lost (parachute hare's ear for all of them). The pictures aren't great, but here are a few.
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