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Mclennans' Anchor-b Fly Fishing School...?


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I have an amazing wife....really, I do. She has just booked us for the Anchor-B fly fishing school/retreat this coming August. Though I'm sure it will be fantastic, I'm hoping someone here has been there before, and may be able to give some insight into what it will be like. We've never been to a fishing lodge, nor have we had a guide before. So, we're a bit unsure of the expectations we should have of them, or that they'll have of us.


If you've got insights for us, please share here, or by PM.



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You Lucky Dog You!!!!

Its a Fantastic area, We have fished some of the streams. It is another world down south, just ask Vince. He has fallen in love with the area.Dennis and Brenda tend to hold up there for a few weeks also. Many of the club members venture there , and I wonder to myself," why do I not live there?" Terry H has taken the big step and has made it home. Good on your Awsome wife for this. Me thinks its time for another Klave Down Under Boys. We may have to leave the Calgarians out of this one ( not you Dougy ), if to many of us venture south... :fish_jump: Sorry Jim



Dan :coffeetime:

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Yes that is one great area. We didn't make it last year but I have a feeling thats our destination this yr. 2wk at the end of aug. How many ways can you say Hopper SA Hopper, Stimy, Chyrnoble ant. and lets not forget Green drake time either. Some mighty fine rivers to fish.

Ya Dan maybe we will have to sit down and figure out a group time down in that area..


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fish_boat::swimmingking:

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