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  1. Hey all, I was around for two years... 6-8 years ago? Anyway, I’m moving back to Edmonton in August. Just checking in to see when meetings start up again. Quentin
  2. Hey all, I'm going to bein Comox for a few weeks in February. They say there's good steelheading to be done around there, but this internet thing is a bit difficult sometimes... I can't seem to find anything concrete. There seems to be just TOO MUCH fishing going on in BC!Do any of you have any experience with Comox? Any advice on where to start to connect with a reputable guide? Is one necessary there? QT
  3. That's great news for Muir. I'll have to try really hard to get out that way again sometime.QT
  4. Hey CAEddy, As a down-homer myself, I understand what you're going through. It's a different game here. My best advice is to get involved with the club, and make some friends. They'll show you what you need to know, but more importantly, you'll have more fun when you're fishing. It takes time to learn these streams. I tried hard for the last two years, and I've barely scratched the surface of figuring out how to fish them. QT
  5. Did the trap catch ANY grayling? QT
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not available. Perhaps it is worth suggesting to Jim to test his theory that the fish went upstream already. There is at least one pool that we always had luck on last year. Fishing it before the trap is taken out might just prove his theory. Of course, not catching fish there wouldn't prove anything. QT
  7. thought I'd stop by and take a look this morning. These were taken at 9 am. As you can see, two intrepid anglers were fishing the 15% of the lake that was open. The ice was very soft, and the warm wind was a blowin; note the waves. One of the angler mentioned that the ice had already shrank within the hour he had already been on the water. I think you could fish Muir this evening, but most of it should be open this weekend. QT
  8. "And some people just dont know better nd thats OK." Hey!! I resemble that remark! Q
  9. Ah....it was posted on the main website. I bet you come straight into the forums? QT
  10. Awesome. I look forward to reading all about it, and checking out the pictures!QT
  11. I wish I could...but it is a No for me. QT
  12. HA HA...Size 8, if I can tie them that big! QT
  13. Stauffer is open all year, yes? I might just need to get out of the house and down the highway soon! QT
  14. No problem! Was fun. Now, if you want to use these photos in different threads, to discuss how they were tied, etc, simply right click on the photo and choose "properties". Copy the URL that comes up, then in your own post, press the little green picture looking option, and paste in the URL. QT
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