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  1. Does this advisory have any input ,into aeration of our provincial lakes.Reason i ask.Police outpost is ,winterkilling due to ancient,refurbed aerators & Bullshead is not even aerated.These 2 lakes & Muir were imo.Thought to be the back bone of the QSF list of lakes in AB.it sure is a terrible loss for us fishers.For it would seem a reg.basis these fisheries winterkilling.
  2. I have a 10' Spratley,imo the best welded alum.stillwater boat on the market..They are heavy,my only pet peeve.If your buying,a pram look for the widest you can afford.1040 MIN..Alumacraft.
  3. Thanks Peter..Sure hope you get him for your jan.seminar,probably get a car load from the south to attend...Brian
  4. being a calgarian ,i missed your invite of John .To your club mtg.Did anyone do a you tube,for your site..would for sure attend your jan seminar ,if John was a presenter...
  5. It was the best decision i have made ,to purchase a loader.Had mine since 1994,outlasted 5 different trucks.enjoy
  6. I sure hope they don't kill a bunch of fish.Like they generally do.Hook & Hackle in Calgary has been assisting them on there day.By catching/measuring releasing,the fish after they get there data.Depending on how long there nets are in the water.Longer there in ,more caught that die.
  7. thanks for that anybody no anything about the strain " Troutlodge from Kamloops" AF3N
  8. hi all;i picked up a new video conquering chironomids by Phil Rowley & Brian Chan excellent..covers boat set-up,indicators etc.being kinda off a rookie at this type of fishing ,it sure helped ..brian
  9. want to say thanks for allowing a couple of calgary guys ,that throughly enjoyed the hospitality,humour at the seminar.You have a fantastic bunch of dedicated members willing to go the extra mile,to bring top notch speakers in..A special thanks to guys like Peter Little,Don Andersen,Emerson.I met alot of other guys ,but having grey hair has a tendency to lean towards short memeory retention. thanks again Brian tight lines & sinking corkies great web site
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