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  1. I'm back home (3wks spent in hospital) Air-boot, broken ankle, Missing fishing but I'll be back. Stay safe everyone. Phone calls a e-mail's welcome. Cheers, Neil
  2. To all my email friends. I messed up my gmail and now I have to switch to Webmail as Google only wants to send password reset verification codes as text messages, and when you don’t have a mobile phone……..you get locked out because of “too many attempts”. Please, if you wish to stay in touch with me via email, send me an email to neilstuartsutherland@xplornet.ca so that I can build up my contact list again. Cheers, Neil
  3. So far 5 reports - all good. "Inexpensive" "Good quality"
  4. For non-tyers, great prices. Please comment if you have tried Trick Flies. Trickflies.ca | Fly Fishing Flies and Supplies | Online Store Canada
  5. I'm sorry that the link doesn't work. Green Caddis Outfitters has a 50% sale on hooks and fly boxes. Cheers, Neil
  6. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#category/promotions/FMfcgxwKjwtzntnbvCwsQLgHKPdzSFlV
  7. In between open water and ice fishing, do you have time for some reading? https://1drv.ms/w/s!Alcg7H2cC-IGllNMYj72w_HN0OHI?e=bET6kB Cheers, Neil
  8. https://gcoutfitters.com/
  9. Good hook sale. Even with the US$ this is a good deal and they are good hooks. Cheers, Neil
  10. I have updated “An Index of Links of Trout Fishing for the Northern Alberta Angler “ The link is still the same, some of the material is new. For newbies, here is the link:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/wouhhrzbskjn7of/An Index of Links to Trout Fishing Information for the Northern Alberta Angler.docx?dl=0 Cheers, stay safe and tight lines, Neil
  11. They may be hiding in the tall weeds on the North shore. Neil
  12. Ahem, Jaymack, it looks like you. The lake very seldom winterkills so some of the 2017, 2018, 2019 stockings should still be there (and bigger). In May, 2020 4,000 Rainbows at 7" and 2,000 Browns at 8" were stocked. Cheers, Neil
  13. I,m still trying Here is a new link to the information for the trout angler. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wouhhrzbskjn7of/An Index of Links to Trout Fishing Information for the Northern Alberta Angler - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.docx?dl=0
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