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  1. John and his wife are retiring as soon as the present stock is gone. No one is taking over the business. Go to his web page to select and order any hackle you might want. After all these years of development John has some pretty good hackle. Griz may be in short supply very quickly. Woolly
  2. On behalf of the members of this club I wish to thank those who went out a collected donations for this event, My inventory had more than 125 items by the end of the night. Unfortunately I succumbed to a raging cold and ear infection the next Day. She who must be obeyed was not inpressed with that outcome.anti biotics and plenty of rest says the Doc and she who must be obeyed.
  3. Our annual Silent Dinner and Auction is onSaturday the 8th of November Tickets for the event are $35.00 per person. As a reminder this event is the major fund raising activity for our Club. Ticket sales are not very good at this point. Please Contact Emerson to get yours. They are available at the club as well. We are in desperate need of Auction items. I am including an electronic copy of a letter that you can use to help you get auction items. Dave M Woolly
  4. The first of our new tyyer sessions wil be tonight, Oct 7th. Bring your tools if you have any, there are some club loaners if you need them. We are Using Charley Cravens book as our guide. Materials are provided for those who are participating as new tyers. Woolly Dave M
  5. Business Meeting and Free Tye Comment: We will have a short business meeting followed by a BS session and a free Tye. The business meeting will discuss Club name and a fund to cover presenter travel costs. Bring your vices, tools and materials and tye a few flies.
  6. Business Meeting and Free Tye Comment: We will have a short business meeting followed by a BS session and a Free Tye. The business meeting will discuss Club charter changes and upcoming Executive vacancies. Bring your vices, tools and materials and tye a few flies.
  7. Knowledge is not the point...you needed a lucky charm
  8. ESRD will be doing some test netting on Muir next week. They will be on the lake on tuesday the 29th and Friday the 30th with a small boat with an electric motor test netting the lake. Woolly
  9. creek mouth and tidal pond a bit south of St. Johns Newfoundland. Fished there this morning. Saw some big fish (20" plus browns. biggest I could food was 6". Caught and released half a doz. of the 2 to 3" variety. A great day fishing though. Ocean to left Creek to right
  10. First Annual Northern Lights Fall Grayling Clave When: Week end of September 20 2014 (19th through 21) Where: Freeman River Camp ground Activities: Fishing, Fun, Fishing, Camp fire, fishing and Fishing Woolly
  11. I'll get busy and tye a few as well.
  12. March 5th Business Meeting, Beginners, Free Tye and Demonstration Comment: The first March meeting will consist of the usual short business meeting followed by beginners and discussion sessions. In addition, Jim will demonstrate the 99cent special which won him a prize at the Calgary Fly Fishing Expo.
  13. Club already has one. There are 10 coming in this shipment. I'm sure we can get more if needed.
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