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Red Deer River Reg Changes

Don Andersen

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I have a PDF questionnaire from SRD that must be submitted by Sept 30.

f you wish a copy, please send your email address to me @ donandersen@bamboorods.ca

I wish that SRD would consult those that use the river. Seems like the consultation was only with Red Deer people.

SRD wants to close the Red Deer River to protect the brown trout and whitefish thinking that somebody or other is packing them home. Wished that was the truth but it isn't. In all the trips I've made to the Red Deer, I have NEVER seem a single dead fish. The reduction in browns and whites is caused by the silly premise that you can manage the predator species w/o managing the prey species [brown/whites/suckers et al]. If you want more browns/whites, well it's kinda simple - reduce the predator species.

The closure is smoke and mirrors and allows that brown/whitefish problem to continue.


catch ya'




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