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Feb 14 (Valentine's Day) meeting

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Michael Dell will teach a Beginner's Fly Tying class in person at Queen Mary Park Hall (and on ZOOM).

This will be a casual session which will introduce people to fly tying basics.  Vises, tools and materials will be available for use at Queen Mary Park hall, or you can bring your own.

If you want to come please contact Michael Dell at communications @ nlft.org  so enough tools and materials will be on hand.  

The principles taught and the flies tied will be:

Thread and hooks

Adjusting the vise
Basic Thread Control
Attaching the thread, wrapping it and tying off with half-hitch and whip finish.
Basic Material Control.

 Brown Hackle Peacock
    Hook: Wet fly 
    Thread: Black or any colour you have
    Body: peacock herl
    Hackle: brown or any colour you have
New Techniques: soft loop, adjusting for thread torque, even body, reinforcing herl, dry fly vs wet fly hackle, tying on and wrapping hackle. 

Wooly Worm
    Hook: wet fly 
    Thread: Black or any colour you have
    Tail: red wool
    Hackle: long saddle hackle
    Body: chenille
 New Techniques: tying on tails, palmering hackle

    Hook: wet fly 10-12
    Thread: Black or any colour you have
    Body:  wire
    Thorax: coarse dubbing






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