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Of course, the Golden Gate is just a short float trip down stream. I remember being here once and seeing a squadron of fighter jets fly over it. It was awesome!


I can't recall how many times I crashed into this thing, and landed planes on it in Flight Simulator. =)




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The Bow River.. and some of my old "Homewaters" in nearby Beaver Dam Flats. I used to live were the Red Circle was c.a. 1990-1995. Toilet flushers live here... ask "FlyFish". ;) Oh how I wish I was down there right about now. Twitch! Twitch! Before I got relocated to E-Town, I was looking at purchasing a property 2 blocks West of there.. right against the park.




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Highwood meets the Bow. No.. don't go fishing there.. especially about... NOW!


The tip of the island is where I caught my first fish (Brown Trout) ever on a flyrod.




Must.. get.. down.. there... sooon. Now.. if there was only a SatMap service available to get hourly updated photos from... I'd.. uh be a subscriber in a heartbeat.


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I believe this is "Policeman's Flats". I've only ever fished there on foot once.. but I beleive this is one of the key put in / take out spots. Can someone confirm for me that it is?


http://www.thebowriver.com/river_information.htm (See Other Guide Map Here)




Barry White.. if you got your ears on.. you might wanna be updating some maps on your page with all this great stuff. I know I would.




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Carsland/Weir - Johnson Island. Great Whitefishing there be in the fall the weir. Also see the cana that TUC goes in to scoop fish from.




Scratch I gotta take you on a Road Trip one day this year man. ;);)


You have NO IDEA what you're missing.. hell.. what we all are. :o


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Going down to the Highwood meets Bow on Sunday morning with my mom. We usually fish the deep pool right accross from the confluence and work our way down the run. Lots of pretty fish stacked up there right now.




PS - I have access to 2.5m panchromatic imagery from a taskable satellite; I guess it pays to work in Geomatics. rmm

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I will be there.



Has anyone looked for area 51 yet? Interesting.....

I found this one on Google Images, will look nice printed on an 8 x 10 when I get home.




Yeah, next secret fishing hole I am going to designate as "Area 51". In fact Scratch and I are planning a trip out there again this summer.. aren't we. Twitch! Twitch.. but you had to go and post a photo of me fishing there on the NLFT banner. Twitch! Twitch! :ph34r:


Here then are two photos of Area 51.. one is decidely more secret then the other.


Posted Image


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