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Aerator Removal


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We are looking at removing Muir's aerators this Saturday at 2pm and would like some help.


We need a couple of boats, someone to disconnect the wiring, a quad, some people for general help and if you could bring some cordless drills with robertson bits.


The idea is to have one of the boats go out and retrive the aerator stuff. The other boat (we already have a flat bottom boat on the way) will go around to the posts that are not floating and try to get them out of the ice.


The quad will move boats and equipment between the two sides of the lake.


The posts have 4 'legs' and we would like to take at least one leg off per post so we can fit them all in a truck.


It should only take an hour or 2, Brian is going out tomorrow to take a peek at the aerators, he will shut them off it it looks like the twine will get caught up in the aerators.


Please contact me (by Friday) or Brian so we can coordinate what is coming.






Thanks for going out to take a look Doug.

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Sorry, I am on nightshift Saturday and wouldn't be able to make it to the centre in time if I was there. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to something in the near future....Kerry

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