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Ram Basin Hatch Chart


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From past fishing journals on westslope cutthroat... use smaller sizes as the season wears on, the first few hatches are usually the largest. If its overcast sure bet your blue wing olives will be in full use...


Hatch Dates and Insect Imitation for the Eastern Slopes Ram Basin


June 1 - Aug 30

Caddis Elk Hair - Caddis, size 12 - 18


July 1 - Aug 15

Golden Stonefly - Yellow Stimulator, size 6-10


June 1 - June 15

Black Stonefly - Jughead, Ugly Rudamus, Orange Stimulator, size 4 - 8


July 10 - Aug 15

Western Green Drake - Haystack, Olive Paradrake, Blue Winged Olive size 10


Aug 10 - Sep 15

Grasshopper - Dave's Hopper, Yellow Stimilator, size 6 - 12


Aug 15 - Sep 15

Blue-winged Olive - Adams, Blue-winged Olive, size 18, 20

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Sunday's hatch on the Athabasca, sprinkled with Sedges.

Wally looks like its elk hair caddis time gramonds - brown under belly, spotted, pretty early in the season sign of a good fishing season on the Athabasca, spot any feeding bows....
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