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Intermediate Flytying Seminar


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Fellow members:


Here is the list I gleaned from Jeremy Davies' patterns.


Daiichi 1150 or Mustad 80200BR, 1xheavy scud hook turned up eye sizes 8 to 20

Mustad 37260 Scud TU eye standard weight hook sizes 4-12

Daiichhi 1270 or Mustad 80050 or 80060 , 3 XL curved shank sizes 4-10

Daiichi 1730 or Mustad 81002BR 1x heavy 3Xlong nymph hook sizes 4-10


Olive, Red, Tan, Black 8/0


Black, gold and copper

Body and thorax materials

Natural and Light peacock Arrizona dubbing

Red Acetate Floss

Yellow /olive antron dubbing

Brown, Tan UV and olive Ice dub

Assorted materials

fine lead substitute wire

brown and olive goose biots

Uni-Mylar pearl colour, or Prismatic Pliable sheet #10 (Hareline product)

Gold, or copper wire very fine and fine

Olive Maribou

Ringneckk(Chinese) pheasant fibres (not sure if body or tail. Jeremy suggests female bird feathers)

Brown super floss

Light tan and antron antron or Phentex (I'll bring lots )



There's more stuff on his fly pattern sheets, but this should keep us busy for at least two years... I mean days




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I am looking forward to the Fly Tying seminar on the 30th.

What patterns will Jeremy be tying?

I haven't been to one of these events before. Is it worth it to try to chase down all of the materials on the list in Wooly's message, or can I get by with the stuff I have, and substitutes?




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