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Namesake Flies

dave robinson

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I caught the tag end of "Fly Tying, The Anglers Art" Saturday morning

and lo and behold Leroy was tying a Silver Hilton.

Up 'till then I wondered at the origin of Robin's ninckname.

So for the education of NLFT&F members, here it is.

I tied it up this evening just for you Robin.


So for anyone else with a fly pattern nickname

why don't you tie it up and post it here.


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No Brainer

Hook: #10 to #14 long shank dry fly

Thread: Use a Kevlar and leave about 8 inches of tag end hanging of the rear end of the hook. The tag end is for later use with the hackle & as a ribbing.

Hackle: Coachman brown, or ginger, or match the hair colour. Tye it in over the barb of the hook and leave it hang with the tag end of the thread. The hackle is sized to the hooks gap. This helps present the fly with a lower profile on the water.

Tail: Elk body hair or deer hair any colour but I like the natural Elk. Especially the urine-stained stuff off the belly of a bull but any dyed colour works. Tye the hair in very tightly to make it flare into a bushy wing/tail combination and clip away the excess from the body area.

Body: the hair should be at least 2 ½ times the length of the body. Tye in the Elk hair by the butts at about the mid point of the hook shank and allow the hair to spin completely around the shank. Wind down to the tail keeping the hair completely encircling the shank. Move your thread up to the head position. Now pull the elk hair forward so that it encircles the shank and loop the thread over it at the head with a couple of turns of thread. Pull the hair together up over the hook just behind the eye and with the thread tye the hair in an upward wing like position. Clip off the hair to a height of about the hackle length to form the head wing.

Hackle & Thread: hold the thread by wrapping it around you small finger to stretch it out. Now wind hackle around the thread for about 2 inches of thread length. Palmer the hackle/thread twist forward to the head. The Kevlar reinforces the hackle and also breaks up the natural spiral of the hackle to help alleviate leader twist during casting.


I fish this one as a searching pattern in much the same way as the Mikstim. It just doesn't matter how you present this one it works hence the name. It's a skinny "Bomber" style pattern without the hassle of clipping a hair body. It’s a Humpy with a palmers hackle with a clipped wing.


Hint: use a small piece of soda straw to help control the hair about 3 mm of straw will do. Slip the straw over the bobbin tube before starting the fly. After tying in the tail slide the straw up the thread over the shank on to the tail hair. Leave it there for now. Then tye in the body hair all the way back to the tail. Use the straw to help control the hair as you bring it forward to form the body of the fly. Once the hair is tyed down at the head slide the straw down the thread on to the bobbin for use in tying the next fly.


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