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NLFT Announces Bait Fishing / Spin Cast Seminar


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The Northern Lights Fly Tiers and Fishers announces their latest seminar:


Bait Fishing and Spin Casting for Perch

9am to 2 pm, May 1st, 2005

Muir Lake Alberta, from the Spin Casting Dock


In a radical departure from the clubs strictly fly-tying and fishing history, the new course will be offered by the club - to coincide with a change of name and charter.


Effective today, the NLFT will now be known as the NLBFASCOA.


The Northern Lights Bait Fishers and Spin Casters of Alberta


The existing executive has resigned, as a result of the overwhelming change in focus, and will be forming a new fly-fishing ONLY club, with membership by invitation only.


The new club, the "Olive Line and Dyed Feather Fly Angling and Recreational Tying Society" will be headed up by Brian Hepperle, Les Campbell and Rocky. It is currently believed that outgoing club president Dennis Southwick is still too young to be considered for membership


"OLDFARTS" will continue the local fly-tying and fishing scene well into the next decade... (they hope.) More information can be obtained by contacting Dennis Southwick or Brian Hepperle via email.






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I got my latest copy of Outdoor Canada yesterday :huh:

(comes with a TU membership) ;)

There's a two page spread photo of opening day on ariver in Ontario. :o

Wall to wall anglers along the stream. :angry:

Hardly room for a poor fish to swim. :unsure:

At first I thought it was an April Fools joke. <_>

But then I thought about what might happen May 1 at Muir. :lol:

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The worst part about today, is that I have to acknowledge that Scratch now has sole possession of the pin from last year. A new season begins today - yup, buy your licences -- or indeed you will look like a fool when the warden checks yah.

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Good point LT - got mine last week - but yes... good mention.. will put that in the general notices section!

Actually, my Dilbert of The Day calendar points out that it's actually 'Administrative Professionls Day', or 'Electrical Engineers Day'.
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RB and Scratch... when do we get to see the new pin!?

I dunno Hep.. I thought Scratch picked one out already. Hmm.. maybe we should bring Doc in on this??


I see he's the course instructor for the new club Chapter too.


Pumping Worms 101


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