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Battle of the avatars...


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Pacres may need to comment - perhaps the admins (he and I) have a different size limitation than regular users....


OK then - what is the size limit that you are given in the setup of your avatar - 100x75? then that is what it will be.. :)


100x75 using the 64 color dithered GIF setting in photoshop (save for web) should give you a usable 100x75.

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I had no problems in testing. The standard size for avatars on the site is 170x75 (wide profile) There are a bunch of standard uploaded avatars as well.


Look in your avatar settings.


If you want to create some new selectable avatars, 170 x 75 is the preffered size for the board.

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I'm not sure if this link will work for you, but here are the avatars uploaded for anyone to use.




Select "My Controls" from the top menu, under the help icon. Then select Edit Avatar settings to change your avatar. You can select a gallery of avatars "Base Gallery" to select a new avatar.... or create, and upload your own.

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Tried to post one below.. sized 70x75 and wouldn't upload.


Your Avatar Settings


Your avatar must be no bigger than 170 pixels by 75 pixels in size. Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 15 KB.

The following file types are allowed: gif .jpeg .jpg .png


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I'm guessing you're bumpin the 15k barrier. Email me one of the bigger ones that are getting rejected lance - perhaps it's something goofy.


As is - that's quite the gallery Pacres - hadn't actually looked... very kewl.


Gotta work on rev 2 of my avatar. :)

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RB, right click, and check the properties of your image .... 74x79.


Your avatar is at 70x75. There is something up with your sizing. :beating:


Love the new Avatar Scratch.

Hmm.. when I right click on lil itchy and scratchy there.. here is what I see.. 70 x 75. Which appears to meet the criteria.


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Somethings pooched on the board.. won't let me update new avatars. Anytime I upload a new one, it retains the old image, just resizes it for the new one I upload.


This one should work too (112 x 75), but no go. So, guess I'll just go without.


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