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Bow River


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Hey Rick & Dan


As much as I want to I don't think I'm going to be able to make it on Saturday or Sunday. A bunch of family stuff to do ( and our taxes ) and whatever spare time I get I think I'm going to use to get all of my gear ready for the upcoming year and to tie a bunch of flies that I have not yet tied.


If either of you go - have fun and post some pictures.



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:D Yep , it's gonna be great fishin the BOW RIVER tomorrow the 26th !!!!!!! :clap::fishing::kicks: . Rick and I will be leaveing the southside Humpty's at 7 AM , so if anyone else has a hankerin for some fish ? Give us a thread so we know to wait.... :kicks::fishing::thumbup::fishing:

How did Mike and Lance do today???? Give us some news!!!!!!! :eek::ph34r:

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Good on ya Rick and Dan.

There goes the traveling :drinked::beating::drinked: fly fishers.

Make sure you take lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures.

With the wife in Mexico and the kids starting their new jobs, looks like I the designated driver this week.

Good luck, have fun and keep us posted.



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