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G'day Mate... you're wading in from quite a ways. Good on yah!


So what's the fly-fishing / tying scene like down there? I've heard about New Zealand's fishing opportunities before... dunno who from ;) though... so edumucate us Northerners.

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G'day again,

The fishing in Australia is pretty good. There is plenty of saltwater action to be had ranging from Sydney harbour to estuary in the top end(just look out for the crocs ok).

Tasmania is probably known as the most productive trout area as well as the snowy mountains in the states of victoria and New South Wales in Australias south eastern region.


I will bring copies of 'Flylife' (an Australian salt and freshwater fly fshing magazine) to one of the nlft or Flys n beers meetings so you cancheck it out for yourself.




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Hi flyfish,

I will see what I can do about the Japanese fly tying techniques. (no promises)

I know they are/were right into dapping techniques in the past but most of the fishermen I met while there were useing the traditional western??? techniques and flies.


In any case, I am looking forward to sharing what I experienced while there.



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Hey James, welcome! I have a friend who lives in Gifu Japan, teaches english and fishes a little, but is rather disparaging about the quality of fishing there. He comes back to fish Calgary now and then, so he gets his "fix" so to speak. Hope to see you at a meeting. I tend to be one of those "scarce" members with a restrictive work schedule, but hey I made it to the last one, Scratch was there to witness it! :)

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Scratch, hey mon amie no problem and for you or anyone who is free on weekdays when I sometimes drive down to the Bow, I usually have an empty seat or two for company. :fishing:

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Welcome to the Northern Lights!

I have a mate that lives in Port Warratah.

He doesn't fly fish, but takes some marvellous photos

We'll have a chat and compare notes when you get to a meeting

and maybe shout you a "real" beer.

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