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May 4-7 fishing trip North Saskatchewan River

Michael Dell

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Hello all. A few years back we enjoyed a few days on the North Saskatchewan above Abraham Lake west of Nordegg. The Friday was awesome, fish were caught. Saturday the snow came, we ventured out and enjoyed another great day, even with the 4 inches of white stuff. We stayed at the Nordegg Hi Hostel. It is a great facility, kitchen with all utensils are provided, just need to bring your own food. As for sleeping, they had shared rooms. No need to bring sleeping bags, they provided everything. We had 2 rooms, we had a lady join us and the guys tried not to snore more than her, so all was good!!! I am talking names , so if you would like to join us , contact Dan Tulik or Dick with outside programs.

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The Hi hostel Nordegg has been booked for May 4-7, we have 3 rooms booked with 5 fly fishers per room. Rooms are full, cost per person per night is $30.00. 
It should be a fun time, there could well be other people staying at the lodge . No need to bring bedding they provide . Just your fishing gear and food, beverage of choice, but please be discreet. 
ps. I have paid out of pocket, so if you could reimburse me sooner than later would appreciate.
Thank you 


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