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Countdown to Muir - May 1, 2006


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Only a few more days left. Can't wait till April 30th at midnight. Now the only question is which fly do I use. Hmmm, maybe a helping hand from the winner of last years first fish caught.


From shore or do we stay out a bit longer and do the belly boat routine. Ah, life has too many ????



Last years first fish was hooked from shore at the launch on a leech pattern by Darren - but he lost it. The first caught was also on a brown bugger from the dock.


I'd plan on some waders and a long net for shore fishing - the dock is going to be pretty crowded. :)

Heh heh... "Glow Leech"... is gonna kick all yer butts.
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It sounds like it's going to be quite the party out at Muir on Monday. Who's bringing the party favors?


Some suggestions:


Canadagrey - Master of ceremonies :captin:


Dave - scotch bar :cheers:


R.B. - cigar sales and firemaster :rangerbob:


SJW - clothing sales :pimp:


Doc - gear sales and bouncer :boxers:


Phil - entomology advice :crab:


Pacres - flies and first aid :dr:


ABH - on lake traffic coodination and boating instruction :yak:


Barry - casting instruction :fishing:


Scratch - catering ::coffee::



Still need volunteers for the following:


valet parking


cake and ice cream

clown (I'm sure anyone could fill job)


Any other suggestions?



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I figured we could deck you out in some new clothing after we steal that blue coat.



You'll need a new name too before you come. Check out this link:



On a serious note, are you going to try to make it out to Muir monday? ( or just post some pics of the browns you get on the weekend to rub it in)

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ABH - on lake traffic coodination and boating instruction 


Ok, no one goes out until I'm sure that the fish are ready...that will take until at least 2:00 p.m., maybe 2:30 p.m.. Until that time, I am the only one allowed access on the lake and allowed to wet a line. :P

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I had planned to attend this year's beach party but it now looks like I won't be there. I picked up a laptop today and have to get it up and running before the morning plus I still have my taxes to do. Looks like I'll be burning the midnight oil.


Hope all of you have a great time tonight.



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Yawwwwwn.... java's made... boats loaded.... back to Muir now.. to catch some more of these.


A nice fish landed by Dipper Dan last night... over 18".... must go see if his buddies are still there.


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Couldn't convince myself to hit Muir at midnite, so I came around 6:30. Fished till 10 or so. It definitly was chilly. Wasn't a lot of action but did manage my biggest fish out of Muir. About 17" or so but amazingly fat. A good 3 lbs. Others were smaller. Most on a black WB. As I was leaving I ran into Paul F who was scouting. Someone on shore also mentioned someone got one about 24" earlier in the morning. That seems a stretch. Next time must remember to charge my camera



Good start. Hank

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24"? Yea, might be a fishin tale lol... :D

How did the rest of the day go for everyone?  I didn't make it out for the opener this year...

Landed 10, had about 10 other hook ups I lost, and about 10 other decent bites. 2nd time chironomid fishin - didn't quite get down pat the setting of the hook. But then again I think the last time I bobber fished I was 4. :D Largest was 19" the rest between 15 and 18". Fished from about 7:30am to 6pm. Not a bad day except for the wind.


24 incher? I would have to see it to believe it. There always seems to be someone getting a 24" at Muir - even in 2004 I heard this - whoever it was probably drives 100 mph in the 100 km/hr zone.........

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