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Countdown to Muir - May 1, 2006


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The original post is no longer so I decided to start it up again. And it was just getting fun <_<


The idea here is to post you favorite Muir stories, fly patterns, fav trout caught, most embarrassing moments, etc... Then post how many days are left 'til Muir opens. Have fun with it :kicks:


39 days 'til Muir opens :clap:


Cheers :cheers:


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38 days and counting eh!

I think I had a day with that many fish caught and released. :D

It sure wasn't the day I had Celina playing ballast in Chiquita. :yak:

I only caught a couple and Celina got skunked. :(

She didn't seem to mind though.

The weather was good and conversation amiable. ;)

We'll have to give it another go early in May eh Celina. :clap:

Maybe we'll anchor up and try some bobber (oops I mean Chironomid) fishing. :laugh:


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I like the picture with the leaves on the trees.

You can sit a watch it

it makes you fee nice

you can almost see that big one on the end of your line. :clap:


now the one in the snow,

not many warm and fuzzes :(

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A couple of questions about Muir Lake ...


- are you guys excited b/c Muir is the first lake to open up?


- I've heard Muir, Muir, Muir, but narry a whisper of other lakes. What's the attraction to Muir? Is it 40 fish days? Trophy fish? Access?


- are there any other productive lakes in the area that aren't so crowded? I've heard stories of 15-20 boats on the water ... that's way too many people for this hombre.


Just stirring the pot.



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Where to start. Muir is special:

Firstly, because our club had and continues to have

a direct involvement in the creation and support of the fishery.

Secondly, it's the only lake within a reasonable distance that has a bait ban

thus eliminating the bucket brigade and lawnchair and bell boys.

Thirdly, its one of few lakes in Alberta that have special regulations

designed to produce larger fish than the typical "put and take" fisheries.

Fouthly, due to absence of fish for many years, due to winter kill

and no stocking, the lake has large untapped trout food reserves,

resulting in impressive growth rates over the last two years.

Fifthly, near the end of last year, most fish were almost "keeper" size

meaning approaching 19", and in large numbers, unlike other local lakes.

Sixthly, there are a LOT of good sized fish in the lake,

resulting in very good catch rates.

Seventh, the lake is really close, 20 minutes for most of us.

Eighth, the little blighters are very energetic fighters.

Ninth, Lots of food means lots of different patterns work

so you don't have to work so hard to catch fish.

And lastly (but by no means leastly) no baitchuckers and few spin fishers

means it's mostly a lake for fly fishers.

I expect it to be busy out there on weekends,

but if you can spring a mid week day, it will be nice and quiet.

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Just stirring the pot.



I thought the Sh@it pot was already stirred. O bother.. I didn't mean to post to this thread again <_<


Scratch, I am dubbing you another "baby-making-instructional" video tonight. ;)

I'm bringing popcorn for the even, looks like like a fine cast of actors. Is there any supporting actors? :vdaylove:
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What have I tied for muir so far,



12 assorted buggers

12 red butt weevils

12 Diving halo caddis

6 Halo caddis

12 CDC&Elk

12 hares ears (12-14)

24 chronnies (12-18 in 2 or 3 styles)


Next up...


Damsels (x12)

Dragons (x6)

Crystal buggers (x6)

Olive buggers (x6)

Muddlers (x6)

Foam parachute emergers in #16 (X6)


Then... MAYBE... I'll have the box I want for the season.


That doesn't cover the pikeflies though...


Oh yeah...


27 days, 6 hours, 57 minutes, and 32...31...30 seconds to the first fish of the year from Muir!

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