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How much fish do you eat?


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Alberta Environment and Public Areas  (that's what AEP is called now) has sent out the following request:

"As some of you know, Alberta Health, namely the Environmental Public Health Science team, provides consumption advice on country foods (e.g. fish, deer) to support healthy decision making by Albertans.

 This advice is informed by consumption surveys, in this case, understanding where, when and how much locally caught fish Albertans are eating.

 To this end, Alberta Health has funded the University of Alberta to conduct this survey for us. So below, please find a survey link for this quick 10-minute survey should you enjoy fishing!

 I would greatly appreciate it if you could share it to your contacts and colleagues, friends, and families so we get as many responses as possible.

 Shane Petry



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Dr. Le, Univ. of Alberta, has asked us to encourage members and others to complete this survey as he still does not have a sufficient number of responses to complete the study. It's findings could have some impact on fishing regulations in Alberta, especially with the provincial government's interest in increasing fish retention opportunities and thus more fish being eaten. Please pass it on to family and friends. 

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