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Another Couple "New Guys"

John Schneider

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Hello everyone...I have been aware of NLFT for some time now, but have only joined recently. My son, Garreth, is 7 and is just starting to tie and flycast. We live west of the city between Spruce Grove and Devon. We will try to make it to a few meetings, but a weeknight at 7:00 in the middle of town is probably not doable most of the time. I do a fair amount of travelling as it relates to flyfishing. I look forward to meeting all of you and perhaps striking some friendships with others who have the travel bug or the saltwater bug(none of my friends are that serious about flyfishing!). We also have a stocked pond on our property, so if any of you have youngsters that are just learning...you are welcome to bring them out to catch some brookies this summer.



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Welcome to the NLFT site. Soo.... you have a stocked pond.... I'm there. :D


It would be great to have you out to a few meetings. There are a few young fishers that make it out on a regular basis. The club is a great resource for your tying and fishing obsession. :devil:

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Dido come on out enjoy yourself. We are layed back club an am sure you will find some new friends to fish with. Actually from the west its not that hard to get to us as all you need to do is get is get onto 111 ave and follow down to 113st can not miss us were in the Lions Senior Club.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:


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Welcome aboard John - and thanks for the offer of your pond for teaching kids...


Unfortunately - I guarantee you'll hear from a few folks looking to ... umm... get the rust out of the shoulders while pretending to be kids! Indeed - you might want to rescind the invitation - lest ye be infested with FF'ers.


Actually though - We certainly appreciate your offer to have a few youngsters out - pleasant to hear, and I hope some other new members (and existing members) with younger kids have the opportunity to take up your offer!


I'd be interested to hear a little about your pond too - I'm sure there are others in the club who might have considered such a garden fixture... I know I'd love it... to dream...

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I'm only 13.. ask anyone here.. can I come fish in your pond?

Im going to cry BS on that one. Although he has the maturity level of a 13 yr old he certainly isnt 13 :D . Me on the other hand, Im 19 is that too old? Definately have some rust to be worked out. Welcome to the club.



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