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TUC Meeting: Phil Rowley


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Next chapter meeting will be Monday March 21, 2005. The guest speaker will be Phil Rowley, noted stillwater angler, who will be talking about the Stillwater Solutions fly tying material line and demonstrating some fly tying.


For more information about Phil please follow this link:




Lloyd Shea Fisheries Enhancement Fund Raffle

We will have a booth at the Fishin' Hole Outdoor Show at the Mayfield Common on March 31-April 3. Volunteers are needed for the booth. Please call Michael Dell at 488-1966 or reply to this e-mail to volunteer your time. Or if you can't volunteer please stop by and buy some tickets on some great prizes donated by the manufacturers at the show. The raffle is in support of stream restoration projects in central Alberta.


Thank you,




Edmonton Chapter

Trout Unlimited Canada




e-mail: trout@tuce.ca

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Once again we watched as Phil razzled and dazzled us with his patterns and informative methods to fish 'em. Great presentation Phil (he don't post but I know he's lurking... :eek: )


Cheers :cheers:


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Let's just see if we can entice Phil to say hi. He told me he lurks here but he's in Washington State as I write this and should be back soon.


Posted ImagePosted Image


"Romper stomper romper roo. I see Michael and Greg and Brian and I see Ian and Don and Lance and Phil and all of you boys and girls out there." :ph34r:


We promise Phil, we won't bombard you with Stillwater questions (or tying tips for that matter) ;)





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