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Mandatory Angler Education


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In Outdoor Canada Vol 50, issue 4 that I received today, the Fishing Chair for AFGA, Darryl Smith, advocates for Mandated Angler Education. Darryl goes on to say, “the time to phase in mandatory Angling Education as a condition of obtaining a Sportfishing Licence in Alberta is upon us. The hunting community has accepted and endorsed this requirement for decades. Education may be the first step in exposing the new, casual, and even diehards within the angling community to the responsibilities associated with the pastime.”

The basics are already in place with AHEIA’s online Alberta Fishing Education Program and Alberta’s Game Fish Quiz, together with a built-in test and a certificate if you pass.

Any thoughts?

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Peter...I think that it is a good idea. As part of the Grayling study, taking the Alberta Fishing Education Program, was a requirement. It does not take that long to complete and there is a lot of good information to learn from. I took the course, took me about 30 minutes, give or take, and I received my certificate in the mail in less than a week. There were things within the program that I  was not even aware of, so I learned a few things. Glad I took the course.

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