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I'll post more later, as I resize the pictures. I'll also email pictures to Scratch and RB for the clubs picture library,

Will be taking plenty more pictures on Saturday and Sunday. Too many pictures to post, but will post a few from each day.

Last picture for tonight.

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Nice pics John. We'll soon have a club library of pictures from the shows that will be fantastic to look back upon. Pictures have always been worth a thousand words and these speak volumes.

I dont have time to post tonight, but after Sundays show, I'll work out a few pictures to post.

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The show (from my perspective) was excellent - we made some new friends, hopefully some new members!


A big hand to the crew this weekend - there were a lot of members about, and I don't think the booths were tight for people at any point - which is a testament to the gang.


Move in was a little dis-organized - but got done quickly, and the load out was unfortunately worse - since no-one had prepped for it - but Gordie rounded up the troops - and I'm sure it got handled fine.


Unfortunately after having done the move-in and 4 days at the show was 'told' to be home early... so I couldn't assist on the the load-out - but like I said - there were some good folks in place when I headed out.


All in all - lots of kids came through the booth, quite a few adults, and I'm sure we got some new members, and certainly got to introduce a few people to both fly-tying, and fly-fishing in general.



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