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What is wrong at Dolberg


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Rod Boisvert and I fished Dolberg for one day this week. Fishing was terrible, with one small trout caught between us all day. Our sonar should lots of fish near the bottom in 20-30'. We tried trolling good producing flies and we anchored over them and tried chironomids to no avail. The water temperature was 70F. There were lots of minnows at the boat launch. Any ideas? TIA Neil

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Hi Neil 

lots of variables come into play, has a storm came through recently and drove the barometer up? You stated the surface temperature was at 70 degrees so yes driving the fish down to a comfortable temperature for them. You also you tried chironomoids , usually at this temperature they are not feeding on them. Usually in the doldrums of summer I cast with my sink 7 and do the countdown method and the retrieve and I find tequila boobies work good for this. I’ve been away on the island for 8 years but I use to live in Whitecourt so I fished dolberg regularly and always in July and August I had to adjust to catch fish. Another thing u could try is hanging a small leach under a inderactor. The food source is huge in that lake dragons,minnows,damsels,caddis,leaches,backswimmers

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