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Rat Creek Angling - July/ August 2022


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We have a Research License that allows us to fish on Rat Creek for the purpose of collecting fin clips for DNA analysis.  The permit is valid from now until the end of August and allows us to fish in this closed area without an AEP biologist present.  

  • We have a few priority spots that need to be sampled.  We will provide scale envelopes to save the fin clip, as well as a data sheet, some tools and a map.  
  • We must inform the conservation officers 7 days in advance to provide details of where we are angling.  Jim and I will take care of the contacts, and will coordinate volunteer anglers.
  • Groups of 2-3 are probably ideal.  
  • Fuel cards will be provided.
Let me know if you are interested and which days are best.   Reply to this post in the forum to help find fishing buddies to go on a trip.
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I would be pleased to participate. However, I don't have a vehicle appropriate for backcountry roads. Happy to partner if anyone is looking for a partner.

Have good flexibility at present apart from last week of July and August 3rd.

Dean Befus

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Hello Ken I can be available from July 17 to August 5 for  Rat creek.  Is the Rat creek  just day trips or overnight camping  and  I am available  for more assistance on the little smokey grayling survey 

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Rat creek could done as a camping trip, but more likely day trips. 

I hope to get an idea of the timing for  little smoky trip some time next week.  We’ll need several people for that one. 

Rat creek trips can be done with as few as 2 people. 


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