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Is the March 9 NLFTF meeting topic on Muir Lake?


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Can someone kindly clarify the topic for this Wednesday's Meeting (March 9th) - is it the one listed in the newsletter as


"March 13th"

Topic: Muir Lake

Presenter: Jim O’Neil

Comments: Jim is a fisheries biologist working in the private

sector. He was instrumental in helping us identify, set up

promote and monitor the fishery at Muir Lake. Jim will give us

some insights into why Muir Lake was chosen and what we

can expect of the fishery in the future.t the one listed as




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No it is not. Jim had to cancel. :(

However, it will be a free tie night :clap: . This is the chance to get caught up on all those flies one has been putting off on. Can also be used as a night for tying up flies for the donations to the various silent auctions, ie: trout unlimited.

So whatever is your flavour, enjoy. :cheers:

Hopes this helps.

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