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Iron Fly Tyer 2005 Fly Photos


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Iron Fly:


Michael Dell


Vs. Challengers:


Dale Johnston

Lance Taylor




To be announced at the event start, so they can't be bought off!



Dry fly, Wet fly and Nymph



Dry #12, Wet #8, Nymph #10








The competitors will use their own materials and equipment to construct at least three flys in a one-hour time frame. A special ”surprise” material will be given out at the start of tying that the participants will have to incorporate it into each fly. The flys will be judged on: Appearance, Tying Techniques, Originality, Best Use of Mystery Material and Potential Catching Ability The winner earns the coveted title of “Iron Fly Tyer” until the next competition.




The smash success of last year returns with Michael Dell defending his title against two challengers: Lance Taylor (aka Ranger Bob also aka Spongebob Wetpants) and Dale Johnston (a founding NLFT member who has rejoined the motley crew). Each will test their tying skill against Master Dell in a trio of patterns. Come prepared to be amazed (and to heckle).


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It's back again! :blink:

The IRON FLY TYER! :eek:

This Wednesday, February 16.

Master Michael will take on two other "Old Farts" :box:

Ranger Bobber and Dale John Stone :clap::clap:

two Club members from back at the beginning. :rolleyes:

Come out and be prepared to be amazed :whoot:

and to heckle! ;)

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The Iron Fly Tyer needs judges :unsure:

I'd like last year's two losers :opps:

I mean vanquished competitors :P

Brian "Nymphomaniac" Hepperle and Dave "Wooly Bugger" Murray

to do the honors this year :clap:

And just to keep them honest, I need an impartial volunteer ;)

Any takers? :)

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To be announced at the event start,  so they can't be bought off!


You mean there's still time then... thanks Dave! B)


So what's the secret material now? And lemme guess, does it involve "sponges".. :rolleyes:




Posted Image


What's next.. Iron Flyfisher? <_<

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I ain't givin' away any secrets! B)

I tossed out a bunch of stuff that would be too easy. :pimp:

Sponge may bee in that category. :blink:

Or maybe not! :devil:

When you see it you'r pants just might get wet though! :laugh:

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I ain't ginin' away any secrets! B)

When you see it you'r pants just might get wet though! :laugh:

Oh.. I think you've got that the wrong way around. We'll see who wets their pants. :ph34r:


So I should be practicing how to tie (cough) "tarpon" flies is it then.

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Oops, wrote I would volunteer, but I missed the bit about last years defeated tyers should be judges, so never mind, pacres has my vote, and I should really learn to read more instead of speed reading....



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The sun'll come out


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

There'll be sun!


Just thinkin' about


Clears away the cobwebs,

And the sorrow

'Til there's none!


When I'm stuck with a day

That's gray,

And lonely,

I just stick out my chin

And Grin,


And Say,




The sun'll come out


So ya gotta hang on

'til tomorrow


Come what may





I love ya




You're always

A day

A way!

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Cheer up RB :D


We put the gears to you last night, and I must say it was alot of fun. :lol:


Congrats to Dale on becoming the second Iron Fly Tyer.


It was a very close one, and I had a great time judging. I have the flies at home, and will get them photographed early next week, once I'm back from the Cloverdale show.

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RB, what happened? I was in your corner dude :box:


Big congrats to Dale for winning :boxers:


Michael, sorry on your loss man :goodnight: but you did have a whole year with the title and you should be proud of that.


I wish I could have been there, sounds like it was a good time.


RB, I do like the sounds of an Iron Fly Fisher event. Maybe the Muir Iron Fly Fishing Challenge? :flex:


Cheers :cheers:

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Thanks Doc,


Congratulations to Dale. He deserves the title as he tied 3 really good flies and had ten minutes left over.


I struggled with the bamboo as it didn't cut nicely like I thought it should. Thanks to Dave for providing the tinsnips as I would never have got my wings and wingcases cut without them.


Very enjoyable evening. Of course, afterwards I thought of other ways I could have used the bamboo, but under the pressure of the event I went with patterns that could incorporate a stiff thick material.



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All the contestants are to be conmmended for a job well done. :clap::clap::clap:

As a surprise material, bamboo caused a lot of initial consternation :curse:

But in true fanatic fly tyer fashion the boys pulled it together :alien:

and fashioned some awsome flies. :kicks:

The judges concurred that each one would probably catch fish. :catch:

Kodus for the judges :clap::clap::clap:

who passed up a chance to earn bribe money :pimp:

or exact real revenge over last year's loss and judged impartially. ;)

Their suggestion that we include a category for creative use of the non-traditional tools was a stroke of genius. :clap:

Sorry about the hidden penalty for not going barbless, :devil:

but you boys should know better by now! :angry:

And the argument about them being BC flies just doesn't wash RB :beating:

All that aside, Congratuations for all of you for demonstrating talent and inventiveness under pressure. :peace:


Too bad you missed it Doc. :(

If it weren't for your schedule, you'd be a great challlenger next go around. :rolleyes:


For F&B I suggest you do a variation called the "black box" challenge.

You supply each contestant with a box containing material (including hooks)

that you select, but isn't known by the contestants until the tying starts.

They have to tie 1 to 3 flies using only the material in the box.

They can use whatever they want out of the box.

You can make it thematic by either stipulating

that one of the box mateials must be used as the theme for all flies,

or you could require each contestant to tie a specific pattern.

You can make it challenging by setting a tight time limit.

If you want, everyone at F&B could participate, one box for all,

with everyone having a vote on any fly but their own.

You could defray material costs and make it a grudge match

by having contestants pony up toonie, with the

the winner awarded a beer from the proceeds.

I might even miss an astronomy meeting for that.

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