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ACA has asked for input from NLFF

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The Alberta Conservation Association is planning its priority issues for the next 3 years and has asked for input from Northern Lights Fly Fishers along with a few other individuals in the province. The basic question is “What do we think are high priority, provincial scope, fisheries issues that ACA should consider as we move into our planning for 2023 and beyond”. We’ve been invited to participate in this process because of the extensive involvement we have had with ACA over many years, including grayling work, riparian protection on the Raven, Stauffer and Dogpound, kids fly-tying, Muir and Hasse lake projects, Kids Can Catch, trout stocking, encouraging corporate sponsorships, providing Conservation articles, assistance with aeration projects, etc.

 Please give the question some thought and pass your suggestions on to the executive by June 12th. One word or 500 - they will be included in the collective input we provide.  You can post them on this forum or email them to nlft.tu@gmail.com . The more input we can provide the more it will assist ACA in its efforts to ‘conserve, protect and enhance fish populations and their habitats for Albertans to enjoy, value, and use’ and at the same time further the goals of NLFF.

 Some of ACA’s current projects:

·         Fish stocking – adding species, new locations

·         Riparian protection –  Stauffer, Raven, Dogpound, ?

·         Kids Can Catch

·         East Slopes fisheries – inventory work on Cardinal, Blackstone, Elk, particular focus on bulltrout

·         Expansion of Westslope Cutthroat populations

·         Education – through magazine, social media, presentations

·         Invasive species – identifying where they exist and what can be done to stop the spread

·         Encouraging and facilitating citizen science, research and project work through various grants

·         Lake aeration – maintaining and identifying more locations

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