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What should I expect?

Ian B

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Hello everyone,

I am going to be in edmonton this wednesday, and I might be able to go the meeting, I am just wondering what should I expect, there, that would spark me to join? If I am able to go, I know I would need my fly tying tools, and materials anything else?

Thank you


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Howdy Ian,


Next meeting is a discussion on wader repair as per the latest newsletter, and demo of some fantastic new UV Loon Products.




I don't think there will be much in the way of a formal tying demonstration, other then perhaps what members are bringing along to tie themselves. As well a group of us are working on the Salmon Fly Stamp project. Your welcome to sit in on that with us, or again, bring along what you desire to tie for you flybox.. the gopher says spring is only 6 weeks away.. so it's time to tie tie tie.




I also suspect there will also be a recap of the events of the latest Flyfishing Show in Calgary, and so if you didn't attend that you'll get a report on that.




So, come on down for the atmosphere, I think you'll see how things flow.. and remember when you do join you also get a 10% discount at local shops. Should be more then all the incentive you need to join up.


Be sure to introduce yourself!




Ranger Bob


PS - The "Magic Tool Swap" is still open, sign up if you own one of those tools and you can bring stuff to tie for that one. If you don't have the tool.. join up.. buy the tool at 10% off.



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Sounds like fun. I really wouldn't mind trying to tie the Lady Amherst, but I think I don't have much for the feathers they ask for with that pattern.



Looking forward to going there, if everything works out, if I do go look for the 17 year old with the ACDC hat on.



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You mean there are 17 year olds that still listen to AC/DC? :blink:


Good to know, we'd call the bouncers on you if that hat read BLING BLING! :devil:


Enjoy yourself Ian, there are some great guys in the club and if you do tie, the least you will get are some great tips.


Cheers :cheers:

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Just got back from my 2 night stay in edmonton, and I am proud to say, I joined the club. In a roundabout way I didn't have to pay(sort of) because all the other members money went to me( I won the 50/50 :P ). Looking forward to the next meeting, it was nice meeting those of you that I met, and I hope to meet more of you soon!



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