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volunteer request - Chip Lake


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We received this request from the Agricultural Services Coordinator at Yellowhead County.



I plan an annual Pond Day event that’s going on it 12th year now for about 60-100 Grade 4/5 students. We have several stations set up that the groups of students cycle through to learn about wetland/aquatic ecosystems. Once of the stations I’m currently looking for a presenter for is the fish station. In past years we had our local fisheries biologists come out and talk about electro fishing for research, how to age a fish, species identification and if they happened to have a specimen in their freezers they would do a dissection. Unfortunately this year they are too busy to help us out.

I was wondering if anyone from your chapter would be interested in doing something like this? It doesn’t have to be the same as what the fisheries biologists did but anything that just educates the kids on what types of fish we have here in Alberta and their importance. The event is on June 7th and is at Chip Lake which is North of Wildwood, Alberta. We would be able to pay mileage to the person driving out there as well as an hourly rate for their time.


Please let me know if you would like to help out with this.

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