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Chan/Rowley Show

Don Andersen

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I would like to thank all the folks who made the show possible. I had a great time. The information & presentors were first rate. I've been to a number of shows over the years and this was in the top 90% of them all. Learned a lot of things about bugs/lakes/trout.

The venue was just the right size, every presentations were clear, you had a flat spot to take notes, the presentors were available for one>one chats. Even Chans & Rowley's books that I own were signed by the authors [ personalized as well].

The hotel we stayed @ was first rate and close to the venue, the grits were more than just passible.


Even the weather was great.


And I sure would have liked to see more young folks there. A lot of white hair in the audience.


Further, I will enjoy both the line & rod I won in the raffle. The line will be spooled and fished. The rod will go to some fish crazy kid who can't afford one c/w a used reel/line from the basement stock-pile.


My thanx to all,


catch ya'




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What I could stay awake for was awsome (pulled an all nighter after working 'til 7am). Those two guys know more than god about Stillwaters (sorry big guy just kidding :rolleyes: ). I wish I could have taken in both days. I did talk to Brian Chan for a while about a spawning channel for Muir. He gave me pics and info and set us up for an approx budget. Great guys and a great presentation.


Cheers :cheers:

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I agree - I was a little surprised at the average age - and hoped there would be more 'young'ins' there - but at the same time - there were a number in the 25-35 area which is good from what I know about fly-fishing. Hey - I still qualify as a young-in despite my early grey hair. :)


A heartfelt thank-you also for the club members who made this happen - I wish I knew who was actually involved - but as many of these things go - I don't think we advertise all the efforts put in by the members and executive on a project like this.


Suffice to say - The ex. did a great job of pulling everything together and securing a top notch venue for a show like this.


Kudos to you all - whoever you are.

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I'd like to put in my 2 cents worth as well. I've been to a few of these types of shows and I have to say that this one was FIRST CLASS all the way. Well organized, well presented and the presentations were well thought out and seemed to flow perfectly.


A job well done and a big thank you to all of the members who put this event together.



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I would also like to add my "kudos’" to the organizers of this fine event. Fantastic information and very well presented. However, could I request/suggest one thing. If anyone took close up pictures of the 10 flies these two masters’ tied, could they please post them on this site? I noticed quite a few people in attendance were feverishly writing directions but I'm sure some details were lost. Having a proper picture of the fly would go a long way to sharing the more finite details of the patterns.



Once again thanks for a great venue.



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I would like to thank everyone that came out to the seminar. I would like to thank all the people that volunteer and helped where they could. I will thank all personally at the next meeting.


It was a joy to work with both Brain and Phil and they were very impressed with the crowd.


Again thank to all that came out.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.


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