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I would just like to say Hi to the new members to the exec. We have a new Trea. in Rick Lang, Secratary John Marple, Programs Dave Murray, & Membership Vince(so don't know the last name apolagies on that)


Old exec reelected

Pres Dennis Southwick

Vice Pres Brian Blekley

Editor Dave Robinson


Also a big thanks to the Old Exec members that stepped down Great job done by all.


Heres looking forward to working with the new members with new & fresh ideas




Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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Dennis, this is a follow up to the suggestion discussed last night, that the Executive sit at a head table during meetings, so that new members can see the faces that go with the names of executive members. Some of us were talking about this after the meeting, and the idea came up of having a page on the club's website, that lists the members of the executive along with contact info and photographs. Even though most of you guys are pretty ugly :D :D , I think it might be worth doing. Terry

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Yes, welcome indeed to the "new blood" on the Executivbe Team :clap:

Strange how Vince got elected while he was out answering a cell call. ;)

His last name by the way is Schembri


The next newsletter will have the new executive info on the masthead.

But I think the suggestion of having something on the web page is a great idea. :)

One possibility is to ensure each exec member completes his "profile" c/w photo.

(and as for ugly, well, when the pot calls the kettle....) :lol:

We could also place a post on the general chatter forum, with a group photo. :cheers:

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I also want to send out a congratulations to those that were newly elected as well as those that remain seated on the executive.


Cheers :cheers:

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