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Blind Bugger Ball


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Ok every one, don't forget to bring your gear to tie tonight. This should be a blast.



Topic: Blind Bugger Ball

Participants Anyone and Everyone


1. Each member puts their name on the piece of paper.

and deposits it in a draw pail

2. Three names will be drawn from the pail to see who

is going to tie.

3. Three names will be drawn for volunteers to put the

blindfolds on.

4. Each tyer has 30 seconds to arrange their materials as

they wish.

5. After the 30 seconds, the three volunteers will then

blindfold the tyers.

6. Each tyer then has a15 minute time limit to tie one

Wooly Bugger.

7. The three volunteers will judge the results.

8. We will draw an additional three names, and repeat

the same process. If time permits, we will do this a

third time.

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Yes, this was a lot of fun. Congratulations to Darren (Pacres) for his superb job of tying his winning bugger. Of course some of us were handicapped by having our materials moved from where we put them. But that was part of the fun.




p.s. I found out that you cannot feel a single feather on the table.

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Actually your feathers were moved a few times - no matter how hard I tried to stop the foul play - there was just no way they would let me...I was outnumbered. ;) I'll try harder next time Michael...really I will.



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I'm not blaming anybody,

but somehow my feather ended up in a sensitive area. :o

For a while there I thought I might be starring in an "adult" movie. :rolleyes:

Sure was fun though ;)

Next time we'll have to make it more challenging. :devil:

Say a size 12 Doc Spratley? Winding the ribbing woud be cool. :flex:

Either that or we make the tyers have a couple of shots of single malt first.


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It was pretty fun. Next time, we should start by letting someone else arrange the materials after the blindfold goes on, and you need to thread the bobbin as well.  :curse:

What.. you don't carry a bobbin threader with you? :o


Hey Mike, didn't you guys used to do this down at Molson House, and chug a beer in between wraps?. :cheers:


Sounds like I missed out on a good time... so when's the next Iron Fly Tyer 2005 Dave? Scratch and I are eager to take on Mike.. and I need vindication for that size 28 Wally Wing that Scratch tied. Perhaps I can beat him sober then.


Speaking of TUC, just renewed my membership. See you Monday night... and I often wonder why more NLFT members aren't TUC members too? Perhaps they are, but they don't show up for the meetings? Strange indeed.





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So.... does winning this thing get me on board for the Iron Fly???? :D


You did miss out RB. It was a blast. Someone took some pics, so hopefully we'll get to see some soon. I'm planning on joining TUC as well. I'm always up for a bit more fishing and tying. ;)

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Real sorry I missed that - would have loved to participate - but alas - I'd had a rough day at work - followed by a cold evening - just needed to curl up.


I'll be sending in my TU membership asap - but I'll probably make few meetings. Seems that theres always something going on - and frankly - I just don't have 2 nights a week to give up... probably do a 2 nlft to 1 tu thing -- time will tell.


Anyhoo - You're on lance! Iron Flytyer indeed!

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