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Jan 5 ZOOM meeting CDC flies tied by Dennis Southwick

Michael Dell

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CDC backswimmer

Thread   6/0 black (white)

Hook   10-12 scud

Tag     Pearlescent tinsel

Wing case   brown CDC

Body   your choice color of CDC (olive, brown black)

Legs   brown or pumpkin sili legs


CDC micro bugger

Hook  #12 or smaller nymph hook

Thread     6 or 8/0 color your choice

Bead   gold tungsten to match hook size

Tail     marabou color your choice

Rib      copper wire (optional)

Hackle   CDC (your choice)

Body      straggle string or micro chenille


Tenkara CDC fly

Hook    12-14 standard dry or wet hook

Thread    glitter thread color your choice

Body       glitter thread

CDC          color your choice

Hackle    hen (wet fly) or partridge

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Thanks for presenting Dennis.  I am going to tie up the backswimmer and tenkara flies.  

You mentioned the Red Green Fly Swap.  Here is a link to the Forum post about it:


Unfortunately the pics associated with the post are gone.  


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