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DEC 15 Joint ZOOM meeting with Haig-Brown Fly Fishing Association

Michael Dell

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Thanks to Dave Robinson we are going to have a special ZOOM meeting on Dec 15 sharing the screen with the Haig-Browns.  

The meeting will start at 7:30 pm (Alberta time) and we will be using their ZOOM channel.   For signon details please contact Michael Dell at communications @ nlft.org or DM through this forum.    Or if you receive our member's newsletter that will be coming out soon, then the details will be included there.  

The guest tyers will be Dave Robinson and Florin Sabac.  

Pattern #1:               Rabbit Strip Tube Fly and (if time) Spey Fly

Hook:                         #3 or #4 Short Shank Straight eye Hook

Vice:                           Pro Tube or HMH Mandrel

Tube:                         Pro Tube or HMH  3” long dual diameter

Thread:                     3/0 or 6/0 White

Underbody:             Pearl Braid

Tail/Body:                 Olive Rabbit Strip

Hackle:                      Olive Rabbit Strip

Head:                         Orange Gel Spun Fritz

Bead:                          Silver or Orange Tube Fly Bead


Comment:    If time permits I’ll tie a Spey version using marabou and chenille

Tube flies are useful when getting short strikes.The trailing hook is inserted into the rear of the tube.  After a hookup the fly slides up the leader

Pattern 2:    Red Dragon 
        (Bill Nation pattern from the 1930-40's, 
        from Jack Shaw, Fly Tying for Trophy Trout)

Hook:           Mustad 3906 #6-10
Thread:      Uni or Danville black 3/0
Tail:             Teal flank fibres
Body:           rear silver tinsel, front red seal dubbing
Wing:         Chocolate brown duck flank (Hooded merganser, dyed Mallard), 
        folded if you can, rolled otherwise
Topping:     Goose shoulder or wing quill dyed red
Hackle:        Badger soft

Pattern 3:    Thunder Creek minnow 
(from Russell Thornberry and Peter Grimshaw,  Fishing in Jasper National Park, see also https://globalflyfisher.com/streamers/thunder-creek-flies )
Hook:     Long shank streamer hook #
Thread:     Black Uni or Danville 3/0
Body:          Rear silver tinsel, front bullet head hair
Eyes:         Glued on or bead chain
Wing:     Brown over white with a black stripe in the middle, or use a few strands of flash

Notes: 1.     Tie hair in facing forward and secure to hook all the way to the eye. Fold back and secure 1/3 to 1/2 down the shank. Finish off with red thread.
           2.     Coat head and red gills with head cement. If using glued on eyes, use epoxy coating.
           3.     Eyes are an optional feature, not used by Thornberry and Grimshaw.
           4.     Personally I like the two tones of colour naturally occuring on bucktails.




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