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Grayling Beyond the Pembina. Into the Boreal Forest.


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The Pembina study is a most excellent.

Are there any folks on this forum who fish grayling, and study their activities in the upper reaches of the Athabasca drainage?

If you do, it is amazing How and Where these fish live and hide. I refer to these grayling as "backwoods" graying.

What I do not like is the poaching of these fish.   

My scale samples show these boreal graying do not age much faster than an Athabow.  No academic paper to support my assertion. 


I believe we should start assessing the population of our Boreal grayling population in a systematic manner.  

I notice some folks on this forum possess sampling kits. And know how to use them. Excellent. 


A commendation to the oil companies who work in the Boreal grayling areas.

I was fuming Suzuki mad when a pipeline leaked into one of my favorite graying pools and riffles.  

I observed the engineering professionalism of the water clean up crew as they handled the leak, and restored my little fishery back to normal. Proof that Suzuki sucks.


Thank you for reading my rant.



















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Hi Russell,  some of us do indeed fish for grayling in the Athabasca drainage.   A research project was proposed for next year, and if successful some of our members will be helping collect data and DNA to help confirm if there are significant genetic differences in grayling in various parts of the province.   We'll know if this gets approved in the spring timeframe.

We had a great experience with an oil company a few years ago as well.  Here is a short writeup.



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