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;) Well , I just happen to step in ta the fishin hole this mornin and lo and behold there's a table set up, :o and they say we's to be fixin to ty flys :P . Well I thinks back to wednsday and recall sumtin bout tyin some fly's on Sat to premote this here Seminar wes havin <_ . src="http://nlft.org/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_sad.png" alt=":("> SORRY IM WATCHIN " O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU :blink: ?


:ph34r: I spent the afternoon catchin up on some fly's and visitin with some members at the Fishin Hole South,. Had a great time , the staff where Great and the time spent tying was well worth it . I caught up on some fly's for this summer's cut fishin . They have only Two pairs of tickets left for the Seminar and they may be gone soon. Looks like it could be a full house. Dennis you may have to look for a larger venue for the next Seminar :clap: .

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Guest Dennis S.

We plan on being there again next weekend I will be there this time I had other comitments this weekend.

Thats great to hear that their tickets are about gone. I had to slide over to Fishing Centre and drop off tickets as they too were down to 2. I will try and stop off at the south side and drop them a few more.


This show could easily be a sell out.


If you don't have your ticket yet best get one while there some left.


Hint West Edm mall location has a bunch left.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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