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Buying and Selling Flies


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One of our well-known members has set up a website where users can buy and sell high quality custom flies that have been hand tied by experienced fly anglers.  He writes:

"Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside an experienced fly tier’s fly box and pull out all of their best and most secret fly patterns to use for yourself? Well, now you can.

There is a new website , for fly anglers. troutfodder.com is specifically created for independent fly tiers who want to sell some of their flies on the side to earn extra cash, and for fly anglers looking for flies that are different from what is available at your local fly shop. You can even search by fly tier location if you are traveling to a new region and are looking for proven flies tied by local anglers for specific lakes or streams.

The goal is to create a community of fly tiers and fly anglers to share information. As the site builds in popularity, fly tiers will have access to a stronger and more diverse marketplace. For fly anglers looking to buy flies, they will have access to the collective knowledge and experience of the fly tying community through the flies that are up for sale."

Pricing is comparable to what you would find in most fly shops and the quality is much better than the discount sellers. There's a rating system to build trust between buyers and sellers, and the hook model numbers and styles are listed in the ads so you know exactly what you're getting. The site is also moderated to ensure quality.

It's well worth checking out and letting others know about the site - maybe contributing to its success by offering one or two of your favourite patterns for sale to help this project get underway.



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