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Club Book purchase: Tying the Classic Salmon Fly


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To Dennis S and the Club at large,


Today, I purchased a copy of Tying the Classic Salmon Fly for the club (not as a present, however, I anticipate being reinbursed).


I'll bring it to the meeting on January 5th and put it in the Club library.


Even if you will never tie full-dress Atlantic salmon flies, I know you will appreicate the skill, dedication, and time it takes to tie one of these monsters.


The store has 2 more! If you want me to grab them for your personal use, send me a PM; I'd be happy to pick one up for you for a 1 gin service charge. The total comes to $74.85 tax inclusive.


I would encourage you to pick this one up ... it makes a great coffee table book ... now, only if I had a coffee table ....



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Thanks Robin for picking up the book :thumbup::clap: . I thought you were donating the book <_<<_<

Just bring the bill and give to Dave Philps and he will get you the monies.


Again thank you. I saw bits a peices of the book and lit ooks very intrigging.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:


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