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NEW - Alberta Fishing Regulations App

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Earlier this year some members of Northern Lights were asked to provide feedback on early versions of an App that would  provide quick access to the regulations for every lake and river in the province. The web-based application Alberta’s Sportfishing Regulations Application is now available to view the regulations and other information from your mobile devices or desktop computer. The application is map-based; you can search for a waterbody, search an area, or use your location. It is designed to provide easy access to the sportfishing regulations and to information related to fisheries management in Alberta.

It doesn't need to be downloaded to your phone and can be accessed while you are in cell service.

For each waterbody, you will find information including:

  • the fishing seasons and bait rules
  • Sportfishing regulations for each species, including possession and size limits

If the waterbody has regulations for more than one area or section, read the descriptions for each and click on the area or section to see the regulations. You can:

Search for a waterbody by clicking on the binoculars. Type its name or use the area search tool.

Zoom in and out using your mouse or the zoom buttons, and clicking on a waterbody.

Zoom to your current location by clicking on the arrowhead symbol and then touch a waterbody for regulations.

Find popular links, Report-A-Poacher and National Parks fishing information by clicking on the information icon

For Help and Contact Information, click on the question mark icon in the top right hand corner.

View updates, corrections to sportfishing regulations or sportfishery closures:

Advisories, Corrections and Closures

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