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Anybody else see Santa (Barry White) on the cover of this weeks Edmonton Examiner? Heh heh.. a few years back I even got my photo taken sitting on his knee. I really wanted to do it with waders on and flyrod in hand too. :D If you want your photo taken, head down to Bonnie Doon.. he's only there for two more days till he's gotta fly... fish next year.


I see Santa has the Elves working on a new website too these days... http://www.bowriver.com/.


I think Les Campbel can give him a run for his money after a few more beers next year at Runway 29.


Yup, Santa lives right here in Edmonton.




And since y'all be good this year.. ''Pacres El Elf' has built some new icons for the board in his web workshop.


::ice fish:: :fish_jump:


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