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One Tonne Challenge


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Something to think about for the New Year.








Business and Industry


Companies committed to energy reduction see the big picture. They know that while sound energy practices translate into measurable cost savings over time, they also form the kind of business policy that differentiates them from competitors in the marketplace.


The One-Tonne Challenge works with a growing list of companies to develop innovative programs for their customers and employees. Included in this list are:


* Home Depot

* Sobeys

* Alcan

* Nexen


These organizations are using onsite promotions and advertising campaigns to create consumer awareness about energy efficiency as well as sales opportunities. Their workplace-based activities meanwhile are encouraging employees to reduce emissions at work, on the road and at home.


Is your company ready to take the Challenge? We can work with you to develop programs targeted to your customers and employees. Contact us for more information.

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One of my contributions to the 1 tonne challenge (note the spelling of the metric or SI standard) is to car pool to the fishing site with other fly fishers, thereby saving all that extra gas and co2 from burning it. We can share our beer too.

Only one problem.

All the methane (also a greenhouse gas) in the jointly produced beer fa**ts

will probably offset the co2 reduction.

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