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Joe Hard

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:clap: Now a chromie cool.How close are most of you guys from the moutians and can you see them?(B.C.) do any of you guys go there to fish, Fresh or Salt?
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Edmonton is about a 4 hour drive from the real mountains

whether you go via Calgary, Red Deer or Jasper.

Some mountain fishing is great.

A bunch of guys did a heli trip this summer for golden trout,

we got a great talk recently on Amethysst Lake in Jasper that harbours big 'bows,

and if you want to drive to the Crowsnest or Elk....

However, Parks Canada has stopped stocking completely

so lake fishing in Jasper and Banff is now hit and miss.

We do better in the foothill streams and local ponds.

Then theres the Bow River, only 2 1/2 hrs away....

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There you go using Daves spell checker again.

I dont undestand what spell checker,serious is this computer talk or a forum joke.

I am new to bowth

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